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Dunkin Donuts


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I can't wait for my apple cinnamon donut craving to be satisfied!!! I always get some when I go to AZ for Spring Training, cause I LOVE them!!!  The one closest to OC will be either the one in Downey or the one in Whittier, and those won't be open until the end of November!!!

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Had some when in Vegas.  Donuts aren't as sweet as Krispy Kreme.  Which is fine by me.  Coffee on the other hand, didn't have that burnt or strong flavor like Starbucks.  So it also worked for me, but some people might prefer that stronger taste.  Plus it wasn't overpriced like Starbucks coffee.  


The combination of coffee and donut are probably slightly above a typical donut shop in price and quality.  

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I don't understand the fuss.

Everyone in socal should have their own favorite korean shop.

For me, it's Rose Donuts @ Lincoln and Rio Vista. Apple fritter and ham/cheese croissant 4 lyfe

Apple fritters and maple bars. Throw in the occasional cream-filled and it's gonna be a good morning.

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Ok, I've been out of SoCal for 9 years, but was pretty sure there were some Dunkin Donuts when I lived there. I guess they faded away and I never noticed, since I only went to mom and pop shops or Winchels in a pinch.


So now they're back and it's big news? They're plenty here in AZ, but the couple times I've been in one they were dead and I wasn't impressed with their offerings.

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I grew up in NY and loved Dunkin as a kid - they have them in Tempe and they are pretty good - although if I lived in CA id skip Dunkin and go to that little donut shop at Newport Beach balboa area - that place is awesome - nothing like it here in AZ


Although I've never tried them, BOSA donuts are suppose to be pretty good. There's several locations in the valley. 

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