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The Official: Reigning Superbowl Champion Seahawks 2014 Thread


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  • 1 month later...

So they gave up a 1st round pick and a 7th round pick in 2013 and then a 3rd round pick in 2014 for about 10 games of Harvin.


Turns out he punched a couple players (Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate - both WR's) and apparently was bad for team chemistry. Marshawn, Avril and Irvin were bummed he was traded, but I think for the most part the team is in much better shape without Percy. 


He was taken carries away from BeastMode. In the two games the Seahawks lost this season, Beastmode was seldom used and Percy was given a chunk of the plays, and didn't deliver. 


I was excited to get him initially, but like many of you said, he can't stay healthy and didn't last season. We were just fine without him for the majority of wins we had during our Superbowl run. He didn't even play in the game against the 49ers, which to me was the Superbowl last year -- the Broncos had no chance against our D. 


Pete Carroll and the GM are bottom line guys, and Percy was making a shit ton of $$$$, money that can be saved if traded to give Russell Wilson a long term contract after this season. 


The proof is in the pudding..





That and the Seahawks are deep at WR. Lockette and Richardson (our 2nd round pick) have Percy Harvin speed, but they can also do other things like block, run routes, unlike Percy Harvin. 


Good riddance! 

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99% of Seahawks fans werent even fans in 2010.  2012 was the year!


That's a load of shit. 


I get that the bandwagon is large, just like the Angels, but there are so many native Seattlites & people from the Pacific Northwest that love this team and have since the 80's. I became a fan in '83.

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Looks like Seattle was the victim of possibly the worst officiating this season. That fumble was so obvious, without question the running back coughed it up and yet not even replay official stopped play to review it.



Eric, you're not kidding. That's two weeks in a row we were screwed by the refs. But yeah, that was clearly a fumble. We would have had the ball with 1 minute to go (no timeouts, but in good field position), all we needed was a FG to win the game too. 

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I have been checking this board since 2009 and I never saw you say anything about the Seahawks until two years ago.


I've been talking up my Seahawks on this website since its inception. 


Been a fan since '83. I got to meet Largent, Warner, Krieg, Zorn and Jacob Green at the airport after the Hawks beat Dan Marino and the Dolphins IN Miami in the playoffs. 

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