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Chuck and other Seattle peeps

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I'm making my first trip up to Seattle in late October for a Galaxy/Sounders game with my gf and some friends. I'll be up there for 5 days and I'm looking for stuff to do up there. My gf goes to school up there but I don't want ask her. I want to surprise her with some really cool activities (events, restaurants, night life, romantic stuff etc.) I'm definitely doing lunch/dinner at the Space Needle. I know there are some kick ass places for beer up there too. I'll be checking that out. Any additional help would be appreciated!

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There's a farmers market called Pike Place somewhere along the water in downtown, super old school. One of those places where they actually "chuck" fish back and forth from the salesman to the cashier, and there are cool flower arrangements and food and pubs and restaurants around there. Kinda dumpy, but its over 100 years old.


We tried the Athenian Seafood Market and Bar. It's where Tom Hanks was in the movie Sleepless in Seattle, and there's actually a plaque in the actual seat he sat in. We found a seat with a view of the water, had happy hour appetizers and drinks. Let the locals sink in a bit. Actually had a great time. Walked around the city, but not much to do, really.


Took the ferry across the water a few times, bought an umbrella at Target. It wouldn't effing stop raining. Sorry I can't help more. It was a quick effing business trip and we were running around mostly the entire time. The biggest bitch I remember was when you wanted to get to downtown from where we were, you had do drive south all the way around the water and it took like an hour.

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Here are some ideas:


Pike's Market. It's a bit pricy, but it's a must when visiting Seattle. That is where the first Starbucks is located and people wait forever for a stupid coffee that you can buy from a different Starbucks down the street. But you NEED to eat at Piroshky Piroshky. The line will look long, but it moves very fast. Know what kind of Piroshky you want while waiting in line since the employees waste no time taking your order.


If you're going to the Space Needle, hit up Chihuly glass garden. I was amazed. I went during the day, but heard it's gorgeous at night. If I remember correctly, your price of admission is good for the entire day. So you can check it out during the day, then come back later that night. Since it's all glass, the artwork looks different in both daylight and lit up at night. http://www.chihulygardenandglass.com/


Seattle have some great chocolate factories. My favorite is Theo Chocolate factory. Their tour is very cheap and all you can eat chocolate! But if you can't make the tour, they have PLENTY of samples in the store. https://www.theochocolate.com/


Seattle Gasworks Park. Don't worry...it doesn't smell. Have a picnic on the hill and watch the float planes land/take off in the water. But the weather could be cold and rainy so plan accordingly!


Go to Fremont Brewing. It's really close to the Gasworks Park. It has a similar vibe to Bootleggers with a good beer selection. My favorite was the Dark Star Imperial Stout on Nitro.


Safeco Tour. Baseball may be over, but they have tours during the off-season.

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Yeah, it's her town, let her show you around and impress you instead of trying to be so cool.

She's going to do that. I just want to have a few things planned out that we can do also. Taking the best ideas and going from there. Odds are she'll be suggesting a few of these places too.

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The best ideas these guys presented were pretty much the average tourist suggestions. Let her be the boss and show you a good time. Best you can do is be enthusiastic about what she wants to do and not try and control the week. It will show her you are not the expert in everything and willing to learn from her life experiences.

Or go visit the Pacific Malting and Brewery in Tacoma. Hang out in old town overlooking the waterways where there are about 8 other breweries. Even if she hates it you can enjoy the beers.

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Dude I highly recommend getting a charter for whale watching!

I did it with friends a few years ago.

It's a blast, you take off from Anacortes and go around the San Juan Islands up into British Columbia.


This is the company we used - Mystic Sea Charters


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