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(Don't) Consider the Super Shuttle airport van...

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My brother made reservations with Super Shuttle (the blue van with yellow script) to take he and his family to LAX yesterday.  A direct route reservation for $130.


The van was to pick them up at 2:30.  2:30 rolls around.  Nothing.  Same results at 2:45 and so on.


I had to do an emergency run to the airport for them, stuffing the family's luggage in curious places so it would all fit.


Super Shuttle said the driver called.  But he called a phone number he was instructed three times, in the reservation process, to NOT call.  He called that number.  He did not call the second number listed, which was the proper number to call.  


Driver sat on his ass in the van, supposedly, waiting for my brother and his family to come to the van.


When they didn't appear, he drove off.  


The company says there will be no refund since it is not their policy to knock on doors.  


And when my brother called Super Shuttle at 2:50, they said the driver was gone and another van would not be sent.  Tough.  They were keeping the money.  It's a racket.


So, I highly advise any one here to NEVER EVER use Super Shuttle.

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I wasn't clear in my background:


Super Shuttle has a phone number attached to the address in their files from previous pick-ups at airports, etc. The number is for my mom's cell phone and it gets poor reception at that location which is why my brother reiterated to Super Shuttle to not call that number, but to call the house line, which is the number he gave them and is the number Super Shuttle dimwit lazy driver did not think to call.  Why does Super Shuttle ask for a secondary number?


Super Shuttle drivers had previously come to the door on numerous occasions.  They did not tell my brother to wait outside when he made the reservations.  My brother's wife looked outside several times to spot the van and it was not seen.  It's a pretty busy area near the beach so I think the driver got frustrated and bailed. 


Either way, the money should be refunded.

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Valencia is a shithole.


You just need to know where to go.  Most Americans don't.  The old town is fantastic.  The medieval silk trading hall is one of the greatest buildings I've ever seen.  The craftsmen who worked on it also worked on the churches and cathedral in Valencia.  They were very limited on their expression in these tasks.  For the silk trading hall, they went batshit crazy and you can still see the fun they had with sculptures of little drunk dudes passed out or a duck taking a shit in a farmers hand. All of it crafted into the side of the building.  It's hilarious.


The city was a major trading route in the middle ages and before with Italy.  The waterfront where the F1 and America's Cup were/are held is kind of cool.  Over the last several years, alot has been uncovered since the city now demands that if you're rehabbing or taking down a building, you must do some top level archeological investigations.  They have uncovered entire Roman living and work areas.  Many of these are covered with glass floors, so it's preserved, but the people that work or live in these areas don't have to give up their property.  I highly recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance.


And no trip to Valencia is complete with authentic churros y chocolate.  Of course, the churros are no match for the ones sold at the Big A where the vendor holds it until it goes limp.


Valencia, CA sucks.  It's Raider centric.

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