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Weaver said Richards "kind of lost it" when he was in the trainers' room


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gotta feel for the guy -- it's tough -- he's at the stretch break of what has been a break out season for him - he's been the team's top pitcher performance and numbers wise -- his team is in first place with the best record in baseball........one minute he's on top of the baseball world, the next he's on a stretcher in a visitor's training room being told his season is over and he MIGHT make it back for the start of the 2015 season if everything goes well........otherwise - could miss first months of next season as well......


tough thing to hear.......

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Man, I feel for Ritchie.. Every time I tweaked/twisted one of my knees, I would get seriously depressed thinking I'd never be able to play again (hockey, baseball, water polo, golf).  I've been lucky (knocking on all wood right now) in that the only "surgery" I've had regarding  these injuries was to tap-fluid.


I've come-back a few times, and I'm an old guy  Ritchie is a young man, with a great support-staff!  He'll be back soon.  I'm rooting for a dislocated kneecap, but I think that old-school Angels luck may have returned.


The one good silver-lining to this, is that the boys seriously rallied around it to put a spanking on the Sox.  Hopefully, it will charge the guys up!

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that does look pretty granrly. Sucks to lose him, but hopefully its a relatively minor surgery and hes ready to go next year


Its not minor but it's possibly the least damaging long term, providing there wasn't any ligament damage.   Chances are he will be pitching with a neoprene sleeve or a knee strap just under his knee for the rest of his career as a precautionary measure.  I'm just glad it was his plant leg Vs his drive leg.

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His plant leg could be just as much an issue. If the knee isn't stable enough when he starts throwing, he could favor the knee and not plant as hard causing him to use more arm and throw off his mechanics which could lead to future arm issues.


Any injury can be an issue.  But looking at his delivery and the way he generates his velocity, having it be his plant leg is preferable.  Richards is pretty much a tall and fall pitcher, dude is all arm.  The main stability point in his delivery is his stand/drive leg.  If his plant leg can hold his weight, he should be fine.  By the time his plant leg comes into play his arm has already done the work.

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