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"The Official I Hate the Angels Thread"


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brought to you by the fans of the NY Yankees. (originated 8/21/07)

Those that have been around AW for years will remember this classic thread. Those that haven't might want to check it out.



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The OP for you....

"I cant take it anymore with this god forsaken team. They are the bain of my baseball fan existence.

We always find the most painstaking ways to lose to them. We get beat by scrubs, we get beat on cheap hits, we get beat with bad luck. This team just owns us and we cant get ONE god damn freaking break against them. We lose a game with an .091 hitter beating us. Our 4-5-6 hitters cant touch Oliver and Henn (why he is on the roster?) cant get the bottom of the lineup out.

Im sick of little gnats like Figgins and Willits, sick of KRod and his mound orgasms, sick of Garret "I still play like an All-Star against the Yanks, even though I now suck" Anderson. I'm tired of getting beats on balls that fall cuz of miscommunication between OF's, tired of getting beat on Baltimore chops that somehow find their way thru, tired of us hitting line drive after line drive right at Angels fielders.

Angel Stadium is like the 7th layer of hell. I've just had it with this f*cking team and their bandwagon fans."

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08-21-07 01:07 AM#20
Better than youavatar17558_26.gif Join Date May 2007 Location NJ
Re: The Official "I Hate the Angels" Thread
quote_icon.png Originally Posted by TheBamTino24
I don't know why I keep looking forward to a different result when we play them. Was there any doubt the .091 hitter would get the GW hit? Or the .210 hitter would knock in 3 runs? Or that Figgins would get a go-ahead hit?

It never changes. It's a broken record.

Eh, I blame Mussina. Ever since he blew that 6-1 lead in Game 3 of the 2002 ALDS, they've owned us, LOL.

It must be some kind of lack of scouting, these guys are terrible yet they own the hell out of us. How the hell does Mike Rebalo get three hits? how the hell doe Jeff Mathis get three RBI's?

and no, they did own the crap out of that '98 team. I think they came into the stadium in September and swept us.



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The Angels domination of the Yankees over the last 15 years is one of my favorite things.


Actually one of the things that brought me in after I moved west. Wife is a Yankee fan, I can't stand them, and it helped that the closest ballpark belonged to a team who relatively owned the pinstripers. Even though I came on board in 1998 when the Angels weren't exactly great, they still managed to beat New York most of the time. My fandom was cemented.

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