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Scioscia exasperated with Hamilton


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Another excuse by the manager in keeping Josh the K clean up...total  block head


"Scioscia said he is not prepared to remove Hamilton from the cleanup position. Doing that would require a significant shuffling of the lineup."


Wasn't this similar to the lame excuse he used a few years back when we blew a chance to take the first 3 games v Texas of a huge 4 game series? "Significant" - Think outside the box Captain Platoon...

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Sosh is the luckiest manager in the history of baseball. Best record in the major leagues and it happens even though Sosh is sooooooooooooo dumb.

You guys crack me up.

Your point is very true but Hamilton shouldn't even be in the line up let alone hitting clean up. The line up is better with Hamilton elsewhere
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No way do you move Trout out of the 2 spot.  Granted he is struggling right now but you want Calhoun and Trout to get as many AB's as possible.  Trout batting 2nd means thats one less batter we have to get on base for Trout to bat late in a close game.  


Your #3 hitter is the best batter in your lineup because he comes up the most (batting in the 1st inning) and has people who get on in front of him that he can drive in. I hate Pujols batting 3rd as much as the next guy, but who do we replace him with? 

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Trout has seen the 4th most runners on base this year for the halos.  in parenthesis is the % driven in  


Pujols 359.  (14.21%)

Kendrick 327.  (14.07%)

Aybar 314.  (14.65%)

Trout 309 (19.09%)


All of whom are in the top 30 in major league baseball.  I would imagine that the three other than trout have such high numbers because of trout.  

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Funny thing is that if Hamilton plays tonight we score in the 8th inning more than likely. If they walk Hamilton then Howie hits into a double play and we score a run


Hamilton swings and misses at 3 pitches, regardless of their relative location to the strike zone.

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