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The **** was Aybar hitting 4th for


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Neither can the rest of the team. For the last 23 games, it really hasn't mattered.


But why aybar 4th? He has literally been the worst hitter on the team.

Since July 1st he's hitting .226/.264/.263 .527 OPS

over the last 28 days he's batting .195/.244/.234 .478 OPS


The 4th position in the order is arguably the most important 

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Who else? Freese? Kendrick? Hamilton?


Anyone but aybar at this point..


last 28 days

freese .710 OPS

Kendrick .620 OPS

Hamilton .612 OPS

Iannetta .644 OPS

Aybar .478 OPS


Yikes.. I can't remember the last time the Angels offense struggled this much over a month.

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Scioscia needed to shake up this lineup...woefully bad since the ASB.  Though I believe it had a lot more to do with pathetic Hamilton than shakeup.  Move Aybar to #2, Trout, Pujols, Kendrick, and (if you must play him) Hamilton.  Or try Navarro in the 2nd slot.  Gotta get guys on in front of Trout.  Pujols (GIDP) and Hamilton (SO) together end up being the big black hole in the lineup too often.

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You want your best hitter hitting 2nd...


sure, so I guess Detroit (Cabrera), White Sox (Abreu), Seattle (Cano), Toronto (Bautista) need you to explain it to them


Trout should be hitting 3rd, maybe get 2 guys on base with Trout up before the black hole (Pujols & Hamilton) in the lineup

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Aybar has 9 hits in his last 55 at bats...that's one sixty four.


Freese is actually hitting .311 in that same span of 2 weeks.


Little Ericka Aybar should have been traded long ago, but Uncle Arte likes him, despite his insistence on squaring around to bunt at least once a game...even though he can't bunt worth crap.

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Aybar should bat nowhere past 7th in a normal line-up. He's got nice pop for a middle infielder but the dude is an out machine. Oh, and in regards to the RBI:

RISP: .252 .292 OBP .682 OPS

RISP 2/outs: .207 .246 OBP .556 OPS

Those are some ugly numbers with RISP...it takes a lot of outs to get that many RBI.

Howie, suprisingly, has been a much better option despite his propensity for the rally-killing DP:

RISP: .291 .359 OBP .753 OPS

RISP 2/outs: .209 .284 OBP .583 OPS

A bigger issue is Mr Poo-holes:

RISP: .225 .310 OBP .628 OPS

RSIP 2/outs: .167 .327 OBP .541 OPS

Calhoun and Trout are really good at getting on base and two guys behind him (Pujols, Aybar) make a ton of outs. Hamilton has actually done pretty well when runners have been on base (RISP .286/.356/.759 and RSIP 2/outs .241/.333/.747).

The problem with the our line-up is that we don't have a Calhoun (RISP .288/.348/.890) and Trout (.322/.420/1.064) to knock Calhoun and Trout in once they get on base.

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