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More Trout Greatness


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More Trout porn if you can get past the Kershaw and Abreu love.


That is some impressive company he might be joining.





Run, run, run: In his rookie season, Trout led the AL in runs scored. In his second season, he also led the league in runs scored. And this season? Yep. He just caught Brian Dozier of the Twins to tie for the league lead again. Here's the first reason that's so cool: In the past 50 years, the only men ever to lead their league in runs three straight seasons were Pete Rose (1974-76) and Pujols (2003-05). I've heard of them. How 'bout you?

But here's the second reason it's so cool: In the past 100 years, these are the only men ever to lead the AL in runs scored three years in a row: Babe Ruth (twice), Ted Williams (1940-42) and Mickey Mantle (1956-58). Wait. Who?


.900 miles: Trout is also well on his way to his third consecutive season with an OPS over .900. (He's at .979 at the moment). In case no one had mentioned this in the last 30 seconds, he's only 22 years old (for another day, at least). Want to know the only players in history who ever ripped off at least three straight qualifying seasons with a .900-plus OPS by their age-22 season? The complete list consists of Mel Ott (four in a row, 1928-31), Williams (1939-41) and Jimmie Foxx (1928-30). More information about their exploits can be found hanging in a gallery in Cooperstown, New York.


Extra credit: All right, here's one more. Trout needs just another 12 extra-base hits to reach at least 75 for the second straight season. Once again, the list of players as young as Trout who have 75 or more extra-base hits in back-to-back seasons does not include a whole lot of Jose Vizcainos and Nick Puntos. In fact, it includes just these three names: DiMaggio, Williams and Pujols. Any minute now, Trout will pull right in alongside them.

So think of the names that have shown up next to Trout just in the last few paragraphs: Ruth, Williams, Mantle, DiMaggio, Ott, Foxx, Pujols and Rose. Should we just start carving Mike Trout's Hall of Fame plaque now -- or wait a couple of weeks?"

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