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The how-to guide to dealing with hecklers


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Pretty good stuff. Usually if I'm a fan of the road team (which is a lot of the time because of where I live) I'm usually a pain in the ass. It's always in good fun and I won't swear with kids around, but I love it when it when one of the home team fans will laugh and give it right back.

A few years ago I was at a Clippers game in Portland and someone shut me up really quick. It was when the Clippers still sucked and I was yelling at Rudy Fernandez who was a fan favorite but said he didn't want to play in Portland anymore in the previous offseason. Well, he made a big 3 and I yelled out

"Why are you cheering for that bum? He doesn't even like you guys. He doesn't want to play here anymore!"

Some guy yelled back, "Ya, well, no one wants to play for the Clippers!"

I said "Good point, sir!" And I promptly sat down.

I'm going down at the end of the month and I plan to give Reddick hell the entire game

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i love good old fashioned heckling. i'm talking ncaa heckling. good natured and funny as hell. 


i go to the college world series most years, and i heckled the florida gators bullpen with college course questions and homework jabs. we were all laughing, including the relievers.

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The best hecklers are the funny ones. Years ago, I went to see the Padres and Brewers in a spring training game at Cashman Field in Las Vegas. At the time the Las Vegas Stars were the Padres' AAA farm club. One of their young pitching prospects had, shall we say, a rough outing. A heckler was on him as he walked off the field:


"Might as well pick out a locker while you're back there!"


"I know where you can get a nice apartment really cheap!"


"I know some really good buffets!"


Later in the same game, a Padres' catcher was having a tough time defensively. After a passed ball that probably most of us would have caught (same heckler):


"Unpack your bags. You're staying!"


Loved the video clip with the Tony Gwynn, Jr. "talking glove". Pretty creative.

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