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Orange County Register: Angels' Richards can't compete with Detroit's Scherzer in loss

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"When you know they have their best guy going on the other side, you're trying to match him pitch for pitch, inning for inning, run for run," Richards said after the Angels' 6-4 loss to the Tigers on Thursday. "I was just trying to hang with him and give us a chance to win."


Do these sound like words spoken by an ace? Someone needs to let Garrett know he's better than this. He needs to believe that he is better than the other guy, regardless of their accolades. It's apparent that Richards doesn't believe that he's as good, let alone better than Schertzer.


Note: This quote was taken from the article posted on the Angels site.

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Guys, Scherzer gave the Tigers 7 innings of work, Richards left the game after immediately surrendering the lead in 6 innings. Richards didn't effectively compete with Scherzer.

He surrendered a one-run lead.

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No, he surrendered a 2 run lead by giving up 3 runs.




I sit corrected.  Still, a two-run lead.  And he gave up three runs, for a total of four runs.  Compared to three for Scherzer.

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Which then means... he didn't pitch well. 4 runs in 6 innings is not a quality start. 3 runs in 7 is.

And it was one run and one inning worse than Scherzer. I'd say Richards at least competed with Scherzer.

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If that headline had a few f-bombs and exclamation points it could easily be written by someone in the game day thread.


That headline is complete crap.  It makes it sound like he isn't even close to competing with Scherzer.  It's a one game sample, he's been very close to Scherzer's level looking at the entire season and just as effective.


The Register is a mess, what did they do now - hire Simers as a consultant for sports headlines?

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