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Taylor Lindsey and Jose Rondon stats comparison

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In the counterpoint thread I made the assumption that I doubt there were hardly any/if any players at all that saw quality MLB time who had sub .800 ops seasons in both the Cal League and the PCL.  


After looking at the rosters of both of those teams dating back to 2000 here is a list of players that I found that had sub .800 ops in both leagues but still made it to the big leagues:

Andrew Romine

Ryan Budde


While Lindsey's bat is better than Romine's he still has a long way for him to prove that he is going to be a huge loss in this trade.


Now Jose Rondon has the great distinction of not having an OPS over 800 at Orem and in the Cal League.  Now we are entering into Hainley Statia type numbers.


You guys can bookmark this post all you want but when I look for comps based on stats for these two guys all I see is non impact players.


When I watched both of them play in Orem I thought they both had potential.  Lindsey's biggest problem is that he only pulled the ball and really could only hit for power to right.  When I saw him play in SLC this year (twice) I was underwhelmed.  JD obviously saw Yarbrough with a higher ceiling.  Rondon was great with the glove and I always like guys who can have a equal K/BB ratio but that changed big time this year in the Cal League.


IMO, Alvarez is the only loss in this trade.  


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The only way to make this sort of a comparison is to gauge a player Vs his peers, not across different seasons.   Minor league baseball isn't like MLB, rosters are much more fluid, the ages of the player and the average age of the league are of much greater impact and in some cases these players played in different parks.  


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He's 3 years younger than the league average, San Manuel is a pitchers park and he hit .330 with an impressive spray chart and skill set.


if Rondon ever makes it to the majors he won't just be playing against guys his own age 

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Who is a good MLB comp for Rondon, potential wise? 


One of the many things Aybar has become decent to solid at is XBH hitting.

After having between 44 and 51 XBHs from 2011-2013, he's on pace for about 55 in 2014. 


The best comp I have for Jose Rondon would be current Royals SS Alcides Escobar.  Last year he was injured and struggled but when right Escobar can be counted on to bat .280+ to 30 DB and 20 SB per year to go along with decent defense.  In his age 20 season he hit .306/.331 between A+/AA.  Rondon's hitting .321/.358.


They have roughly the same build, Rondon has the better arm, Escobar has more range, their gloves are about the same, Rondon has a shade more power and discipline, Escobar has more speed.  But in terms of value, I'd say the Padres got 6+ years of an above league average shortstop for very cheap. 


Rondon alone was a lot to pay. 

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Completely agree with the OP. The hard on some people have for Rondon is hilarious. I get that he's young and all but meh. Nothing special.



No power. Just a line drive guy who at higher levels will be reduced to a lower tier prospect. 


I love it when GM's sell high on guys hitting over .300 in the Cal League. If you cannot even pop ONE home run in the Cal League, you basically have a McSlappy Special.

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Think Jason Kipnis for Taylor Lindsey minus 10 or so steals.


Think Yunel Escobar for Jose Rondon. 


Relative to their positions... they are above average.


Alvarez has closer stuff.


Tough trade to swallow... however... Street seems like he would sign a long-term deal with the Angels, maybe through 36, which would equalize the cost.

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