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LA Times: Josh Hamilton playing through tightness in legs

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"Josh Hamilton was the Angels' designated hitter Tuesday, for the second consecutive game and the third time in four games.

Hamilton had not been the DH in consecutive games previously this season. Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said Hamilton had discomfort in his legs and said he expected Hamilton to return to left field on Wednesday.


"He's had a little tightness we're trying to get over," Scioscia said.

Hamilton said he was not injured. He said the plan had been for first baseman Albert Pujols to DH Tuesday but said the coaches asked him to DH after Pujols said he felt fine and could play the field.

Scioscia said the Angels had not planned to play Pujols at DH.


"It was going to be Josh or another bat," Scioscia said. "Right now, we'll let Josh do it, so he can freshen up his legs."

The Angels play on 23 of the first 24 days after the All-Star break.


"This is a big long stretch of games," Hamilton said. "There might be a few days that Albert needs it."


Hamilton, 33, said he has adapted to DH duty over the years by learning how to stay warm between at-bats.


"I used to hate it," he said. "I didn't know what to do to get ready and prepare."


Hamilton is batting .297, with five home runs in 50 games."

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What a terrible disappointment this guy has been. His numbers this year are decent, but artificially inflated by a ridiculous and unsustainable .411 BABIP. Other than his flukey MVP season in 2010 in which he had a .390 BABIP, he's always been in the .303-.333 range so it is only a matter of time before that BABIP plummets (the luck runs out) and his numbers nose-dive.


Even more worrying is his .141 ISO, which is well below his career average of .230. Dude is a total bust.

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Ibwas pretty vocal about being against the signing at the time. I think we all expected a dip power wise leaving arlington...but this is ridiculous.

Fwiw, he was hitting it hard the last half of 13, and was good in spring until he got hurt. Was hitting it hard before his hand too. Maybe that explains it?

Really hoping cron can figure it out. Im not expecting him to be a dtar player, but it would be nice to have another power bat.

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...Fwiw, he was hitting it hard the last half of 13, and was good in spring until he got hurt. Was hitting it hard before his hand too. Maybe that explains it?


Couldn't have been worse timing for a hand injury....he was in a groove and hand injuries are a real problem for hitters....I will give him the benefit of the doubt and see if he can find the groove again....

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I hope hand injuries heal with four months rest in the off-season.   No more head first slides!


In the meantime though, he's not doing this team much good in the cleanup shot.

I know, who else is there?    At least try someone else, and then if it doesn't work it likely didn't affect the lineup that much anyway.  


Although with his solid OBP this season, maybe flip spots with Pujols?   Power is needed in the cleanup spot.











That lineup also preserves the lefty/righty alternating.

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To be fair Josh doesn't really have anyone protecting him in the lineup.

If you switched Trout and Hamilton around in the lineup you would see Trouts power numbers drop. Btw I'm not advocating doing this.

Trout is enjoying the fruits of having Pujols and Hamilton batting behind him.

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^ the lineup is working, but ive been thinking the same thing.

Ive read that lineup protection is exaggerated. Maybe it is. But I know hamilton sees less fastballs than anyone in the league. Calhoun a threat to run might help that. I also think that could defeat the shift a bit (calhoun on), with lefty hamilton getting a bigger gap to pull the ball.

That said, it could hurt calhoun too (in theory without trout protecting him).

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Which is why I like Calhoun, Trout, Hamilton, and Pujols for one through four.

Trout on base and Hamilton at the plate makes it a little harder for the catcher to throw around the lefty to catch Trout stealing, and gives Hamilton more fastballs to see.

Hamilton would also have lineup protection in Pujols.

With Hamilton's lack of power, changing who hits after Pujols in the 5th spot is not going to change things much.

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Has Hamilton always flailed at terrible pitches not even close to the plate? It's like he's committed to swing before the pitch is even thrown. I don't remember seeing him do that on the Rangers.

If he has been doing it throughout his career this was a pretty whack signing by higher ups, and we surely could have spent the money in other areas of our team that need it, like starting pitching *cough* Cliff Lee *cough*

However I really think this is just another result of the big contract free swing Angel-titous.

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