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Ian Stewart DFA'd


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To make room for Street on the 40-man roster, the Angels designated utility infielder Ian Stewart, who was at triple-A Salt Lake, for assignment. They will have to send a reliever back to the minor leagues to clear a spot on the 25-man roster on Saturday.


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Why is he a clown?


He helped the team early on, got hurt and hasn't even played for the MLB team.


Anyway he is gone but who cares.


He's terrible, and has been for years.  He had 2 good games early this year.  Wheeee.  He then settled into his true talent level these days--which is to say, not much.  


I couldn't understand why the Angels signed him in the first place, or why they kept him on the 40-man.  Glad to see him and his bad attitude go.

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i think his fallout with the cubs is overplayed. hasn't anyone ever worked for a company that turned out to be a poor fit personality wise? i don't miss him as an angel, but it's not like anyone had any complaints about him personally, here or earlier in his career, at least not that i've heard.

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"He had 2 good games early this year.  Wheeee.  He then settled into his true talent level these days--which is to say, not much."


Thought I might have stumbled onto another Ibanez thread.


Actually, if he'll accept a AAA assignment, he's not a bad piece to keep down in Salt Lake in case Freese gets injured, but definitely not worth a 40 man roster spot.

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I honestly forgot he was on the team and perhaps that because he's been at SLC for the past however many months.


I was amazed this guy made the roster out of ST (he did have a good Spring). I would have kept Grant Green after camp broke and placed him on the 25 man roster opening day.


But Stewart did help in the early going, was fairly versatile and filled in for Freese at 3B (with some good results at the plate in April) when Freese was hurt. Then Freese returned and we all realized we weren't missing much.........last night's game an example........I thought Scioscia missed some great opportunities from the 7th inning on to pinch run for Freese and send in McDonald or Green as a defensive replacement..........McDonald ended up replacing Aybar when Aybar left in the 9th.......


one of the better roster decisions the Halos made was to keep McDonald.......couldn't figure out why guys like Stewart and McDonald were even invited to ST (at that time was still had Romine for D specialist duties at MIF) as we seemed to have no place for them........but McDonald is great with the glove, has actually hit (early on, not so much lately) better than expected, can be called upon to come up and put down a near perfect sac bunt, can pinch run and provides some real veteran leadership almost bench coach like presence in the dugout/ clubhouse........I thought the play he made last night to just hold the glove on Cano at 2B after that 'apparent' double was classic veteran style play that the younger players just miss......it may well have been the difference between an extra winning win or loss........

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