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How color blind are you...

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That's what I thought Rally...but I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the color blind tests I feel like people are just ****ing with me..."hey...watch this...we'll just put some random dots out there and ask him to look for the sailboat...it'll be funny"....this one wasn't quite like that.

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I'm colorblind and this just proves it a little more.




This was tough because I would get blurred vision trying to move the tiles, plus I see color and generally point out the correct color (I learned at a young age to always say two colors, ex. "I like the paint on that wall, it's like a tan, sand color."), but my problem has always been shades....mainly blue/purple and green/brown.


I kind of half-assed the last test and it's the one I got most incorrect.

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My issue has always been the tween colors as well. For example. I can see green, I can see brown...when you start getting shades of green/brown than all bets are off. 


Makes it interesting shooting color photography. Sometimes I have to focus less on color and more on tones.

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That kind of sums me up. I am solid with a 16 box of crayons, but give me the 64 and I need to read labels.......give me the licorice tub filled with random crayons with no labels and I'm the butt of jokes.


Same with the shades, I always see grass as green, but used to think stop light green was kind of blue green and was confused because it wasn't the same green as grass. But yeah, shades are a bitch.


Fun you mention tones with photography, I used to get complimented with clothing or people didn't believe I was colorblind because I could color coordinate like no other.


Another fun fact is while colorblind, I'm 20/15 vision and at one time could have even had better vision but went as far as possible with the test.

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