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Would you want the Angels to try and put together a trade package for Troy Tulowitzki?

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A lot of reports stating that the Rockies should trade him.  Do you think he is another Todd Helton for them or do you think he can be had?  I have no idea what the Rockies would want in return but obviously Aybar, Calhoun, Cowgill, Santiago, Skaggs, Conger, and some minor leaguers would be in the mix in any package for him.  Do you think he is mostly a product of Coors Field or would he produce numbers close to it in Anaheim?  He is a local guy and could push the Angels over the top as long as they don't have to give up too much MLB talent.  Obviously, they couldn't trade Richards and Skaggs along with Calhoun for him but I'm sure other teams would be able to beat any package the Angels could realistically offer.

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I think the cost would be way more than the added value he would bring. It would be something along the lines of Aybar, Skaggs, Calhoun and Bedrock. Now if we could get him and either he or Aybar plays third I would think hard about it.

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I like Tulo and being a fellow CSULB alumni I root for him as long as he isn't playing the Angels but this is an easy no.  Unless it's a bullpen arm or SP depth why screw with what they have?  The team currently has the second best record in MLB.  The hard on for making trades sometimes is something I'll never understand.    

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Lol, every name sounds funny when you add ski to the end.







Scioscia should do it instead of his normal ie.

The ball was coming out of Jepski's hand well tonight.

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I'm surprised no one here said he would suck and he's just a product of Coors. MVP of the nl


Career at home:  .323/.398/.563

on the road:  .275/.349/.470


So he's basically Cal Ripken (.276/.340/.447 career) on the road, and Miguel Cabrera (.320/.397/.566 career) at home.  Coors definitely helps him tremendously, but he's still a darn good offensive SS on the road.

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