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Calhoun & Hamilton

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I wonder what their numbers look like if they don't get hurt?

Hamilton had a pretty swing and was patient pre injury and Calhoun may have not been in a platoon if it wasn't for Cowgill performing nicely in his absence while on the DL.

Calhoun and Hamilton HR totals could have been up there with Trout and Pujols giving us an impressive four players on pace for 30+ HR this season.

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Here's the Angels by wRC+, which may be the most accurate measurement of offensive value (sort of a more sophisticated version of OPS+):


180 Trout

150 Calhoun

139 Cron

135 Hamilton

132 Iannetta

123 Pujols

119 Cowgill

111 Green

110 Kendrick

105 Aybar

96 Freese

96 Conger


Considering that 100 is average, that's quite an impressive team.


As for your question, I don't really see Calhoun as a 30 HR guy, especially in this offensive context, but I think he could hit in the mid-20s. I'm not sure what's up with Hamilton's lack of power.

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If they're all clicking, it's the best lineup in baseball.

My fingers are super crossed for freese to show up in the second half (and obviously hamiltons power).

If freese can put up at least an average obp, with say 20 doubles and 10 home runs in the second half, from the 6 or 7 hole where hes batting....thats gonna be very big, IMO

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Every player has his peaks and valleys. For all we know, the time Calhoun and Ham missed would've been valleys. Wondering about this is like wondering where Trout would be if he never slumped or if Scioscia allowed him to steal more bases.

The only way I can formulate where Calhoun and Ham would be is to say they both are capable of hitting .280 consistently.

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When Calhoun is getting on base this lineup is pretty special. Especially if Pujols and Hamilton are playing well. And if Aybar and Kendrick are putting up good numbers.

Agreed, which is why it was great to hear him say his game plan is just to get on base and let the other guys do what they do.  Amazing what a lead off hitter can do for an offense.

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I would trade Hamilton for a warm body at this time.......Some of his AB's vs the Astro's were horrid! Every time he came up vs a lefty or anyone with some run on a 2seamer or change up (it was 2013 Hamilton swing all over again). (front side gone and in the bucket, top hand off the bat, balance toast, lunging and flailing at everything).

Make Calhoun the full time player then Platoon Cowgill and Hamilton.

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