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Angels Official Website: Trout declines to participate in Home Run Derby

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If he (or anyone else asked to) just wants to watch, than fine, no problem...but if the reason(s) are a.) I might get hurt or b.) It might change my swing than those are both weak.


If you get hurt during glorified batting practice..you will get hurt during a real game. No professional golfer is scared to go to the driving range to hit their driver...at least none that I know of.


It won't change your swing and if it does than you're not very smart to begin with.

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Agreed they do need to switch up the format to appeal to a larger audience. They should do their normal rounds, but limit it like NMH posted, but afterwards have all the entrants on the field with bats and go at it gladiator style until everyone dies but one. He will be the winner.

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You mean you don't like hearing the word "BACK" shouted 1000 times in an hour?

They should get Hawk Harrelson to call the derby and have him pretend all the players are with the Sox.

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Trout will be using the down time to work on a cure for cancer, feed the homeless and bring about world peace.  He doesn't have time to participate in such trivial things.

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