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Happy Fourth of July AngelsWin!

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Happy Fourth of July AngelsWin.com. It's the one time when we, as a nation, can come together and celebrate all that is best about our country: freedom. Whether you're a conservative or a liberal, a northerner or southerner, big city or small town, on the Fourth of July, you're just an American today.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote:  

"The fourth of July, the epoch of American independence, is a day when the heart of every American must glow with pride and gratitude. No village, however sequestered, no citizen, however obscure, forgets the celebration of the anniversary of his country's liberty! Through all the land, from the shores of the Atlantic to our mountain-tops, the sounds of gratulation are heard; the roar of cannon, and the peal of bells, announce the auspicious morn, and people of every rank hasten with their festive offerings round the altar of liberty."

And nothing beats celebrating the Fourth of July than gathering with family and friends, grilling burgers and dogs, and watching baseball and fireworks. It's what makes the summer special.

To all those who have served to help keep us free, thank you for your service. For all those who has paid a price for our liberty, thank you for your sacrifice. And to all those in the AngelsWin.com community, Happy Fourth of July!


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Thanks for the wishes, and I salute those who are protecting our freedom now and have in years past.


This is also a day of mixed emotions for me. I had a dear friend who lived in England who passed away on July 4, 2008. I met him on a baseball message board, and a simple PM from him to me led to a friendship that lasted for more than a decade, and ended only with his death. I visited his home in Cornwall in 2001 and had dinner with him and his family. He was a rarity - a British baseball fan. I explained some of the nuances of the game to him, while he did the same for me with the English Premier League. We would discuss MLB games during the spring and summer and EPL during the fall. When neither was going on we would discuss practically anything. We never let a simple matter of 6,000 miles of distance prevent us from enjoying one another's company. I still communicate with his son, got a note from him this morning.


Rest in peace, Alan.

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Enjoy what is left. Having a nice bbq while it is still "legal".




so how was your peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you ate while looking at pictures of fireworks and baseball scores on your phone?

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