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GDT 7/3/14 Astros @ Angels

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Why bench Calhoun against Oberholtzer? Unless he plans to bench him 3 games in a row (Keuchel pitching tomorrow). If he plans to do that, I guess at least he's sticking to his guns. But it seems like it would make more sense to let him against Oberholtzer and bench him against the better lefty in Keuchel.

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Pujols should be the one being platooned, and Calhoun should be switching between RF and 1st., but instead..

The 2nd worst hitter on the team plays every day and hits 3rd.

Make total baseball sense.


Just curious - by what parameters is he the "2nd worst hitter on the team"?

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In 2002 - Wasn't David ECKSTEIN always lead off?

Didn't BENGIE MOLINA always catch? (With that occasion Jose Molina Day)

I don't remember Scioscia platooning Troy Glaus with Chone Figgins.

Nor GA with Benji Gil.


Kole Calhoun is frigging good. Stop with the Lefty/Righty argument. Sciosicia is so stubborn.

Playing Kendry Morales part time (forgetting his 2 HR inning from both sides of the plate) is an example. As is his Steve Finely playing in the playoffs fiasco.

He continues to mess with guys heads (Lackey, Trumbo, etc.) but - It's like the staff is scared of Albert. He runs like Vladdy - yet thinks like Aybar. But no one says anything in the dugout to Mr. Base running gaff.


If I'm an opposing skipper...Walk Trout to get to Old Man River { 7 years to go } Albert...

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Well when both the manager and #3 hitter both have 100% job security, why should anything change?

Welcome to free agency. Let's play the what if game. What if the Angels fired Scioscia last off season and hired LaRussa to a four or five year contract. Wouldn't it be exactly the same way? All players who reach free agency and all managers have guaranteed contracts.

Oh and I agree that Calhoun should be starting against the occasional lefty.

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This thread would be like being pissed off each day that the sun came up. Mike is going to bat him third until the day he doesn't. At this point it is a surprise to no one. To get all pissed about it is a collosal waste of emotion.

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