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Need volunteers: review homegrown scoring/analysis system

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I've spent a year doing prototype/proof of concept work on my own scoring and analysis system which I began because I couldn't find any existing (and easy to use) metrics that showed what I wanted to see. 


The work has been seen by a couple (low-level) baseball media members, an assistant level MLB coach, and a systems analyst with another MLB team.  Feedback has been positive from a baseball merit perspective.


I'm posting here because the Angels were one of my two prototype teams.  My Angels dataset is for all 2013 and 2014 LAA plate appearances - in my format.

I'm now looking for volunteers to do fan level review and provide constructive critique/feedback.

Private message me if interested. 


You'll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.




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I can't share the whole thing publicly - too much hard work and a good sum of money on legal expense to protect the idea - hence the non-disclosure agreement.


I can tell you what motivated me to build:


Around this time last year there was heated debate in STL about whether Holliday should be batting 3rd.  I didn't know about this AngelsWin forum at that time but I suspected there was similar Pujols debate as well (as there is now). 


Also - I had heard several top tier players say in some form that "at the end of the season my numbers will be there" and while mathematically true it rang empty to me as a fan b/c I thought:  well good for you - if you have a decent August and great September but what if you actually hurt the team from April - July? 


My system is built from a fan perspective: 


Which players on my team contributed the most to that day’s game?


And I did that for every single game - STL & LAA.  At the end of last year and throughout this season to date - the aggregate numbers have been fascinating.


Sometime I wonder if I had time to do this for every team the league MVPs would be beyond dispute.

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AngelsJunky - Thanks for reply - I'm super busy too so I understand.  The committment to this effort (2 teams - LAA & STL) eats up a ton of my time which is why I'm seeking feedback (while being careful about what I'm showing publicly) ... I need to decide if my committment is warranted.


I have a variety of aggregate reports all of last year and all of this year and the aggregate roll-ups are exactly where I'm looking for the most feedback.


My in-game "scorecards" (nothing at all like the standard traditional scorecard - but influenced by it) do exactly what I set out to do - show to what extent each player contributed to that day's game in a clear and concise table view.  Aggregate info gets interesting so I'm still trying to figure out the best view(s).


Unfortunately I'm heading out now and will be mostly unavailable all day but if you want to private message me we can discuss more when we both have more time.


My request for feedback is sincere - it's time for me to decide if I continue this work or let it go.

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Here's Player Avg In-Game Pct Contribution over 2013 (players with > 500 Plate Appearances).  I have the straight up aggregate numbers too of course.


(I'm trying copy and paste again but I expect to lose the nice formatting after hitting "Post")



Trout 16.1%


Pujols 12.9%


Calhoun 12.9%


Trumbo 11.9%


Hamilton 11.5%


Kendrick 10.8%


Iannetta 9.9%


Nelson 9.8%


Shuck 9.8%


Bourjos 9.6%


Aybar 9.1%


Conger 8.9%


Callaspo 8.6%


Cowgill 8.5%


Green 8.5%


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I only track the offensive side of the game.  Main reason is I'm a one person operation and there was no way I'd have a life if I included defense in my metric. 


I factor in errors - in a small way - but I really only did that as a nod to traditional box scores / scorecards.


Thanks for the link - I browsed the win shares article, and I'll read it again when I have more time but I can tell you at a glance that my approach is much, much simpler.  Could be that's bad but again - it was just me doing the work.


I'm preparing for a meeting Tuesday to get advice on best way to move forward so I'll pop back in after that.

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