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Carpool lanes might become toll lanes

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Oops guess my article got screwed.


Basically, Federal regulations dictate that carpool lanes must move traffic at at least 45mph, even in rush hour, and I think only 2 freeways meet that currently.  So one of the proposed solutions is to make carpool lanes 3+ people, and turn them into toll lanes so people would pay to drive in them if they don't have 3+. 


Caltrans still doing studies, but once they turn in their findings to the gov't, they have 180 days to fix the problem.

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California's population grew at a crazy rate for a while so by the time they got done expanding a freeway they probably already needed to do it again.  Add in the cost of expansions and especially eminent domain and I'm guessing it's not easy to simply make bigger freeways.  My commute is short and I can avoid freeways but if I ever can't like Stradling my time is worth enough to me to pay to get home quicker which is one reason I'm not opposed if the current setup isn't meeting federal requirements.

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A guy I worked with took the carpool lane everyday by himself. His father was a cop and told him that if he ever gets pulled over simply ask the cop what hours is it a carpool lane. If he still got the ticket fight it in court using the same question. Apparently all carpool lanes in Ca are suppose to have postings of times. I never tested it or researched it but sounds pretty interesting.

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