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Welcome to HALFWAY.  It’s a small town midway between HIGH EXPECTATIONS and LOST DREAMS.  The bus carries 25 passengers, and one year, in 2002, it detoured and went to HEAVENVILLE.  Sometimes the bus breaks down before LOST DREAMS, but it always gets towed there for repairs.  Sometimes these repairs cost many millions, only to suffer out of warranty repairs the following year.  The bus repairs are always overseen by the bus owner and the repair manager.


The current bus owner is the third owner of the bus.  The first was a cowboy, the second an amusement park corporation.  The current owner, pays the passengers lots of money to ride in the bus, but they have to help keep it running properly.  Sometimes he likes to pre-screen the passengers while the bus is in storage.


There have been several repair managers, some good and some not so good. The driver also has a crew, and sometimes it’s his fault if the bus gets lost, runs out of fuel, or the passengers get out of hand.


A few times the bus went through HIGH HOPES, that’s another small town just before LOST DREAMS.  It’s nice there, lots of screaming people, monkeys and plenty of beer.  But only once did the bus continue on to HEAVENVILLE.  Most times it continues on to LOST DREAMS, where it sits in storage until the following year.  Where will the bus go to this year?




Post your predictions here for season Game #82, 7/1/14 vs. the Chicago White Sox (the second game of the doubleheader).  Game time is scheduled for approximately 5:10 pm PDT.  The probable starting pitchers are Carroll [R] vs. Weaver [R].


Congratulations to TCB, he has been named as Prediction Player of the Month for June 2014.  Both he and JAHV76 scored 23 points during the month, but TCB had 6 three-point predictions to JAHV76's 5 three-point predictions.  A great job done by both. 


Winners from season Game #81, 7/1/14 (the first game of the doubleheader) are shown below. 

Total Predictions - 28, Total Points - 8.


4 Points, 3 Points, 2 Points




1 Point


ELEVEN.....Richards 8.0 IP

nando714.....Pujols 1 HR

Tank.....Trout 1 HR

HaloFromVegas.....Trout 1 HR

2002_halos_II.....Hamilton 2-4

paws.....Freese 1-4

Ochocinco!.....Hamilton 1 single

AngelsAndRamsFan.....Hamilton 1 single

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I tip my cap to TCB

That's about all the hat tipping you need to do, all of us are looking at your backside for now.  You are kind of like the A's of the Prediction thread.

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