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Mike Trout in the HR Derby..good or bad?

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Not sure if it has been discussed before but I want to get your guys take...if I'm not mistaken...several players who participate in this event..have some sort of power lack in the second half...I remember vlad Guerrero in 07 he had power outage in the second half...is this even a thing or what? Then again mike trout is mike trout

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I usually don't like our guys in the HR derby or our pitchers in the ASG at all.......


one of the memorable HR derby performances was Josh Hamilton when he just crashed a while bunch of HRs -- something like 15 in Round One......but he was so tired out he didn't do so well in the second round.......


I thought that when GA won it a few years back now -- that was good for the Halos and for GA -- who despite some stellar numbers over the years was never really given his due -- I think he won the HR derby that one year and then got the game winning hit in the game -- may have even been the MVP of the game........


I think the Halos profile (possibly due to the LOS ANGELES ANGELS name -- know some folks here who can't stand it when this issue comes up) is higher these days nationally and within MLB - but back then - the Anaheim Angels (still being called the California Angels by Joe Morgan) were not very prominently mentioned in MLB circles and with national baseball fans.......I think GA's performance in the HR derby and the ASG that year helped fans realize he was a good player and the Angels a pretty good franchise........so the HR derby was good for us that year.

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I dont think he should do it because it hurts guys swings.

I also think he (and the rest of the guys) should not take BP. (Which is the EXACT same thing)


I'm not sure that batting practice swings are the same as Home Run Derby swings.  I would be against it because he is so crucial to success in our second half of the year.  I think there will be chances to do it in the future when it won't matter because we aren't competitive in the season standings.  I think he will get to do it in the future, just not this year.

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But what if its not?


What if there's actually an old Caucasian looking dude with a white beard who lives up in the sky somewhere, who treated ancient peoples monstrously and insists that we submit to his will, otherwise we're going to burn in absolute torment for eternity?


I'm going to go with with the odds that it is extremely unlikely and sleep well tonight.

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if i'm a pitcher and watch guys i'm going to face take their swings in the home run derby, i'm going to pay attention and perhaps it might affect the way i pitch to them down the road. maybe that accounts for some of the regression we've seen by several players over the years.


i hope trout stays away from it as he's not really a home run hitter. i'd rather see someone like hamilton or pujols in it than trout. 

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