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Who Closes?


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@JeffFletcherOCR: #Angels Scioscia: "We're going to keep Joe in the back end for right now until Ernie gets his feet on the ground and his game comes back."

Lol. God I "hate" Ernesto. Mike S is determined to make him the closer again ASAP.


MS is still in denial


12 step program will help you Mike

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Seriously don't get why they keep giving this dude so many chances. It's not like he has some track record of being a top notch closer for a long period of time, etc. The guy got the gig in 2012 because of how crappy the pen was, and has been "demoted" from the role it feels like at least 4 times since, yet they just keep giving him this long leash


His ERA is just south of 6, he gives up home runs at a ridiculous rate due to being an extreme fly ball pitcher. Smith cruised when he took over as closer earlier this year and he had a smooth save last night. Just stick with what's working. Frieri's been given plenty of chances and he keeps blowing up. Stop tinkering with the pen. Leave Smith as closer unless he starts to suck

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Scisocia says that, all thing being equal, he prefers Frieri closing because Smith is more able to handle two "ups." That means he came come in the seventh and come back in the eighth. He says Frieri is only good for one, so Smith-then-Frier is the way you maximize the outs you get out of the two of them.

If you maximize Smith's ups by bringing him in the eighth and back in the ninth, you are just taking away an out from Frieri, so the two of them still only combine for six. But if you can bring Smith in the seventh, have him also pitch the eighth and then Frieri in the ninth, then you can get seven or maybe eight outs from the two of them.

Obviously this is only even a question if both pitchers are pitching well, which is not the case at the moment. Now he feels Smith is better so Smith pitches the ninth. But that's why, if Ernie starts pitching well again, he wants Ernie in the ninth.

Agree with it or not, that's his logic.

Edited by Jeff Fletcher
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