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Anyone here used ScoreBig to get Angels tickets?

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I just tried them out for the first time.  It's basically like PriceLine for tickets: you name your own price within a certain section, and then you get an immediate answer letting you know if you offer was accepted.  I was able to get Trout bobblehead tickets for 40% below face.  Seems legit, but I don't know anyone who has actually used them before. 

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Well, if the tickets fall through, at least you get an extra $100 in scorebig.com bucks to spend.  


Make sure to:


If the tickets of a confirmed order are not received prior to the event, or if the tickets are invalid or not honored by the venue:

  • Call ScoreBig Customer Service at 1-877-SCOREBIG for immediate assistance. The sooner you contact ScoreBig, the greater the likelihood that ScoreBig will be able to assist you in fulfilling the order or, if necessary, locate replacement tickets. In the very unlikely event that ScoreBig cannot assist you and you are not at fault, ScoreBig will provide a 100% refund and a $100 ScoreBig credit towards a future purchase. In this case, you must provide proof of invalid tickets, such as tickets stamped void by the venue's box office and/or a letter of documentation from the venue's box office. If additional tickets for entry to the event were purchased, please provide your receipt for full reimbursement and ScoreBig credit.
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I purchased some tickets as well for the game on the 10th. I did not get my tickets yet electronically, just an email stating they will come shortly. What about you, did you get the tickets yet? 


No, haven't gotten them yet, but I'm okay with that.  They might not come electronically; you might get physical tickets instead. 


I actually already got an e-mail back from their customer service (I had an AmazonLocal voucher that didn't get applied).  I was surprised at how fast they responded, given that it's Easter Sunday.

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Darn, there was a groupon for them last week. I should have gotten it. The concept kinda confused me though. I didn't want to end up in section 501


You can actually pick price tiers that you want to bid on.  They have a "star" system (1-star through 6-star), and they'll show you generally speaking where you'll be sitting before you bid (meaning, if you're bidding on Field MVP seats, they're not going to stick you in the 400/500 sections, for example).  You can only make an offer for tickets in a given tier once every 24 hours--but even if they reject your bid, they seem to give you a set price at which you can still purchase the tickets.  I figure it's worth low-balling them initially, just to see what will happen, since you can always come back the next day for another offer.

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Yep, I snagged that deal, too.   That's how I found out about them.


I just got a survey from them this morning, asking me to rate my first transaction with them.  Kind of hard to do that since I don't even know how I'm getting my tickets yet.  :)

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