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Orange County Register: Angels relieved to see Jepsen succeed

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He's certainly moved from the #1 spot on the "First arm in the bullpen we need to get rid of NOW" list.


Agreed, Glen! 


I hope Salas is the next to go. 

After this season I'd like to move on from Frieri or reduce his role to low leverage situations. 

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Smith has been shaky lately. 


The problem I've had with Jep is that he does ok in lower leverage and then starts to get into more important situations where he falls apart. 


His new arm angle and the changeup have made him very effective this year though. 

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Jepsen's not getting DFA'd anytime soon (thankfully).


Not with guys like Salas and Frieri pitching like shit. We definitely have bigger problems in our pen right now. Him, Smith, and Morin are the 3 arms I trust the most right now. I never would have thought that I would say that.

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I don't like Frieri, Jeppy, Smith, or Salas.


Dump them all next year.


Huh? Why in the world would we dump Smith? He's been pitching better than his career numbers and his career number suggest he's a great 7th/8th inning guy. Any team in the league would take Joe Smith. We need more Joe Smith's, not less.

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There's no telling where or when Jepsen's going to erupt and become a disastrous dumpster fire. All we know is that it will happen, again and again. He's had all the opportunity in the world to prove himself already and the only thing he's proven is that he absolutely cannot be trusted.

But we've come to appreciate hot streaks like this. He has one or two every season, enough for Scioscia to slot him in the 7th or 8th inning only to watch him completely gold under the pressure.

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His command has been extremely good recently, whether it be another one of his temporary hot streaks or due to the new arm slot.  Hopefully it's the latter, because he's been painting corners at 97, and that's pretty much always gonna bring success.

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