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Kicked in the balls...


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...after this weekend, those are the only words i have to describe my feeling about the team right now.
I was hoping for a series win.. a swwep would have beem out of this world but i didnt ecpect it... just to take 2 of 3 would have been amazing.
instead, we walked into that place droppped our pants and prayed they wouldnt stick it in too far.

It killed every shread of momentum and confidence i had based on recent play. 
just blown away how we could go up there and just get rolled like that.  its mind boggling to me.


i know i know it happens... but god as my witness i dont want to see one damn "tip the cap", "turn the page", "take em one at a time" thing right now... its old, its stale, and im sick to death of reading that shit every time this team lays an egg.


ive said it before, ill say it again... this team in recent years seems to have no balls.  going thru the motions not caring.  where is the leadership.. where is the fire.. the emotion.. something htat tells me these guys care as much about winning as the fans do?


i dont know whats its going to take.. but i just cant keep wathcing this team lay down like a drunk prom date and keep thinking this is ok... i just cant.

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I hear ya, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a lot of the same feelings last night and this morning.  BUT . . .


it is just one series. Yes, it's against a division rival and the team they're chasing so it's extra disappointing, but it's one series.  They'll have more opportunities against Oakland this year.


The Angels were without two of their best players - Trout (for 2 of the 3 games), and Hamilton.  I don't care who else is playing or what they're doing, that's a lot of lumber to be missing.


"Yeah but Trout and Hamilton don't pitch.  Our pitchers got gang-raped this weekend."  Yes, yes they did.  Everyone is quick to call Garret Richards a p*ssy for not showing up on Friday night, when the dude has shown up in a big way this season and pitched much better than most expected. It was 2 weeks ago people were anointing him the ace of the staff.  Skaggs was fine, just undone by the offense and the BP.  Weaver was not very good, but it is what is is - he's been mostly good this year, in which case posters here are quick to call out anybody who ever doubted Jered.  Then he has a bad start and it's "way to show up, Ace."  Pitchers have bad games, it happens.  


Sucks that so much bad play happened in one weekend against the A's, but that's baseball.  Every team is going to look putrid for a stretch, and like world champions another stretch.

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