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Sick Rotation Alert

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The team ERA is essentially tied with Seattle for second best in the AL, and the offense is third in the AL in runs per game. One would be hard pressed to find any team that has placed that high in both categories and not won 90+ games.

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Despite how good they have pitched this year, this will be my biggest concern going into late August through the remainder of the season. I do like our "Big 3" of Weaver, Wilson and Richards. I do worry a little about the stamina of Richards. I really worry about the stamina of Skaggs and whoever is the #5 the last 6 or 8 weeks of the season. I see this as the key to the bullpen as well. If those guys tire or fade down the stretch then an already suspect bullpen could get over-worked in a hurry. If at the trade deadline we are still in position for the playoffs, and I think we will be, then we should find a veteran arm, a solid #4. Our offense has shown the ability to deal with injuries, the pitching, well that could be our kryptonite.

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I think the rotation is solid but playing in Angels stadium with a lot of games in Seattle and Oakland helps those numbers. On the other hand it makes what the offense is doing even that more impressive.

You can account for the park by using ERA+.   Weaver 128, Wilson 127, and Richards 127, have all been excellent.   As a team the ERA+ is 107, tied for 4th in the AL.   Offensively they are 3rd with an OPS+ of 110, behind Toronto at 115, and Oakland at 113.


Weird how the M's have hit the Angels so well this year.

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A positive a bit. Even with the A's beating the crap out of every team it seems and having a rotation that has performed way above ours (and ours isn't bad at all as proven by this thread):


Sonny Gray - 2.31 ERA

Scott Kazmir - 2.56 ERA

Jesse Chavez - 2.61 ERA

Tommy Milone - 3.50 ERA

Drew Pomeranz - 1.38 ERA


We are still only 1.5 games back. We seem to say it every year, but I think offensively and with their pitching, the A's have been overperforming. That's not to say I think they'll completely fall off or anything like that, they're far too good for that. But I think a slight dip with at least a couple of these pitchers wouldn't be out of the question. 


We are pretty decent position given our injuries. You could also argue all the injuries to the A's, but that's primarily their starting pitching, which I don't really see much room for improvement in what they've been getting.

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