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Some more stats pron


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To supplement tdawg's pitching write up (link), here are some offensive and other stats.  


  • Pujols is 4th in the AL in HR with 13.  3 behind the leader Nelson roided out Cruz.
  • Angels are 4th in the AL in runs with 241.  7 behind Oakland (248) for the lead.  Oakland has played one more game.  The other two teams ahead of them Toronto (246) has played one more game than the Angels and the Chi Sox (247) have played two more games.
  • Angels are second in the AL in HR (55) behind Toronto (70)
  • Angels are tied for the 5th best record in MLB and third best in the AL 1.5 games behind Oakland and Detroit.
  • Angels have the second best run differential in MLB (+47) behind Oakland (+90)
  • Angels are third in the AL in SLG at .422 behind Detroit (.433) and Toronto (.442)


Some impressive stats, especially the run differential and the HR total is surprising considering the marine layer.


The one thing that will make you a bit cautious is that the Angels are 20th in MLB in SOS (.496) so the competition has not been all that great.  Six games coming against Oakland in the next two weeks to make a statement.


Bonus tweet from Olney on run differential.


Buster Olney 
Run differential by division: 1. AL West +74; 2. NL West +2; 3. NL Central -5; 4. NL East -10; 5. AL Central -27; 6. AL East -34.


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Buster Olney 

Run differential by division: 1. AL West +74; 2. NL West +2; 3. NL Central -5; 4. NL East -10; 5. AL Central -27; 6. AL East -34.


This is crazy. Basically, the AL West has been beating up on every other division in the MLB.

Not only that, but our division is stronger than the rest of the AL combined . . . =/

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