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Remember when...

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remember when everyone was for the war in Iraq and then everyone was against it?


Amazing how people change their minds.

Just imagine if Natalie Maines waited a handful of years later...oh who am I kidding?  She'd still be blasted by the right wing media while crying foul when Ted Nugent gets bashed!  Merica!

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What Tin said


There was no reason from the start to invade Iraq, it was only for W. to "clean up H.W.'s mess". 


I disagree with your "clean up H.W.'s mess" assessment. Bush Sr. did it the right way. We went in and kicked their ass real quick, and pulled out after teaching them a lesson. We left Saddam Hussein in charge because he was predictable. Bush Jr was just being fed misinformation by that rat bastard Dick Cheney and was too stupid to question it.


That's my opinion at least.

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