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Angels Home Opener Event on April 9th - Brought to you by the OC Sports Grill & AngelsWin.com

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The Boys Are Back In Town!

By Geoff Stoddart, Director of Social Media
“The Jukebox in the corner blasting out my favorite song
The nights are gettin' warmer it won’t be long
Won’t be long ‘til summer comes
Now that the boys are here again
The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town!!!
The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town!!!”
You’re like a modern day Paul Revere.   You throw the top down on your convertible roll your windows down all the way and/or slide back your sunroof.  You hit play on your CD player and drive through Southern California with this Thin Lizzy song blasting through your crackling speakers.  Just as Paul Revere announced that, “the British are coming,” you’re telling the world, “The boys are back in town!  Angels baseball is back!” 
It’s time to “play ball!”  And it’s time to gather up Angels fans from around the southland to celebrate baseball’s glorious return!
You are cordially invited to join your fellow Halo fans on Tuesday April 9th at the OC Sports Grill for the Angels Home Opener Pregame and Watch Party!  If you've got tickets to the game, stop in for some in-bar tailgating!  If you don’t have tickets, come in and watch the action on one of the 50 HDTVs or 3 thirteen foot projector screens!  Join us starting at 5pm and take advantage of specials on food and drinks:  $3 tequila shots, $4 margaritas, $4 imperial imports and 2 tacos for $3!  We’ll also be auctioning off Angels items throughout the evening!
“The boys are back in town!  Angels baseball is back!”  Let’s celebrate!
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I don't drive a convertible, and I don't care much for Thin Lizzy. However, the 2 tacos for $3 deal sounds interesting. May I ask what kind of tacos they are?


Also, will there be any gathering for the season opener against Cinncinnatti?


They're chicken tacos I believe. 

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Damn.  Its between the Stone IPA and the DogFish Head 90... choices choices.


I will say this; OCSports selection is light years ahead of where it was last year this time.  I like to think that AngelsWin.com had a hand in that.


Monday is my birthday - I love alcoholic b-day gifts off tap.  Just sayin....


Wish I could make it down for this! Tip a few back for me.


I'm stoked that the Angels will be in town later in the month, for four games over the weekend. 

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I went last year and it was a lot of fun. Can't make it this year due to it being on a Tuesday and I have to be at work early on Wednesday. Plus I don't want to fight the Rihanna traffic too.

Brian, buy yourself a drink on me.

Isn't that what sick days are for?

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I'll be there around 4/5ish

When is best? Its my day off tomorrow but my gf works around the corner she's gonna meet me there


The OC Grill's specials start at 5pm.  But if I'm you, I get there at 4pm and get my pre-pre-game glow on! 

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