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Pujols & Angels situational stats


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Pujols 200 Plate Appearances YTD


Bases Empty         3 BB, 29-92 (.315) vs. .315 career

Runners On         11 BB, 21-91 (.231) vs. .326 career

RISP                    10 BB,   9-57 (.158) vs. .329 career

RISP 2 Outs           4 BB,  3-24 (.125) vs. .306 career

Bases Loaded                     0-8 (.000) vs. .344 career

2 HBP & 1 Sacrifice Fly


Overall, Angels rank

Bases Empty      (.252) 16th in MLB

Runners On        (.267) 8th in MLB

RISP                   (.238) 21st in MLB

RISP 2 Outs       (.261) 3rd in MLB, 1st in AL

Bases Loaded    (.147) 27th in MLB

4th most Runs scored in MLB and 1st in Offensive WAR


It's tough watching Albert struggle so badly in clutch situations, but the rest of the team seems to be doing very well when it matters.  Does anybody have an informed take on why Pujols results are so different depending on the situation?

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As for driving in runners from 3b a less than 2 out.

Angels are 49 pct

AL average is 52 pct.

This is one that I think all fans think their team stinks at because they all feel it should be automatic. But it's not.

Baserunners scored: Angels 15 pct. AL average 14 pct.

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This. How in the world do the Angels lead the AL in this stat?


its like investing.

the pain of a loss X isn't equal to the happiness of gain X.

its something like a loss of some amount is 3 times for painful than a gain of the same amount.


so we all clearly remember the times they sh*t the bed and came up empty with ducks on the pond and 2 outs.

but the times they came through we just kind of expected it (in a sense, i rarely expect this team to do anything with RISP, but you get the idea). 

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