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Angels fan smashes old lady

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I was sitting about 1 section to the right on the same level.


We were wondering what everyone was looking at. 



EDIT: The way he's high-fiving after the catch was hilarious. I would have laughed my ass off.  

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Unfortunately this kind of thing happens a lot.  Some people are pretty oblivious to anything but themselves.  We get a fair number of foul balls in our section, but I don't even make an attempt at them, I'm watching out for this kind of goofball more than a baseball.

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As 909 as that guy may be, and as douchey as that was, I still only see white people in the diamond club.

I guess I'm not really contributing to the conversation, just an observation.

Also, is it 909 or 951? Brandon, lil help?

I was waiting for Calscuf to deliver and deliver he did.

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Oh my, where does one begin with what was wrong with that douche?  I mean, he's the quintessential douchebag.  The only thing he's missing is the wallet chain.  He's gotta be a top, given those prison tats and the rainbow lid almost but not quite spun 180. After banging out high fives with his fellow rump-rangers he turns to check the damage he inflicted on the chair, not the lady he steamrolled.  All this to get the same ball he could walk into any sporting good store and pick up for a few buck.


The fact that he was wearing an Angels uniform simply exemplifies how we've changed embarrassment as a fan base.  It used to be embarrassing to be known as a fan of this organization just because they're the Angels and, you know, September.  Now we have to defend ourselves against the onslaught of ass-hats like this flying our colors.


All that said, and as embarrassing as that douchtard is for the entire fanbase, at least he didn't really see her, I guess.  It's not like he ripped the ball out of a little girls hands and then walked away celebrating his new-found toy.


But he is a bad mark on the entire fanbase.  In some ways I hope he reads these comments about what an embarrassment he is, but, then again that would involved being able to put more than 2 words together to form an idea and I doubt a mongoloid like that is even capable of such feats.

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What are you guys talking about? He totally saved her life. If that ball had hit her in the temple instead of his huge soft ass, it could have killed her. He totally our himself in harms way to protect her. He even helped her across the street after the game.

The guy deserves to be honored in a pre game ceremony and given a paddleboard or something.


(Sarcasm on of course)

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Besides the fact that the team loses every time I go out to the park, being around stupid people is what keeps me from attending more games. There have been a couple occasions where I've had to relocate out of fear of an inebriated fan endangering my kids. Some years ago I took the kids to a game and there was a group of drunk fans sitting in the row behind us that were wasted and swearing every other word. Uncomfortable, I decided to move the family to another set of seats one section over. A few minutes after, I hear commotion and look over to see that one of the guys (a large dude) had fallen over the seats in front of them - where we were previously sitting - face down on the pavement, spilling his beer all over the place. Had we not moved, our night would've been ruined...instead it was ruined by Joe Saunders giving up 8 runs in one inning to a Rays team that, at the time, was one of the worst hitting teams in the league.

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What the hell is wrong with you peoples!  How has no one pointed out the terrible-awful-horrible hat the dude is wearing?  What the hell is that thing?  Isn't that the hat Del Taco workers wore back in '83?  The Don Aase era?


And the birthmark of a tattoo hiding on his upper arm (I wouldn't call it a bicep).  Bro:  If you're going to ink up, don't hide it.  Put it out there for the world to see.  It can be your calling card.  "Douchebag on approach." 

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I've tried to catch some foul balls in my life but it never occurred to me to jump into the seats behind me.


That said, the guy probably feels terrible if he was sober enough to know what happened.


I never understand this line of thinking.  It comes from otherwise rational people trying to justify stupid behavior in stupid people. 


I sincerely doubt this d-bag cares about the old lady, whether he was drunk or sober.

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