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Anybody else seen "Juan of the Dead"?

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It just started playing on cable, and I finally got to see it.  I'm a zombie-freak, and thought it was pretty good.  They added the twist of having Juan running a "zombie/revolutionary" extermination company after the outbreak.  I thought there were some funny moments, and it was pretty well-done.


It's no "Night of the Living Dead" (original), "Dawn of the Dead" (either), or "28 Weeks Later", but I enjoyed it.  It actually felt like a Spanish version of "Last of the Living", but better.

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Agreed!  "Shaun" is one of the better ones.  "Juan" is a different style tho...  In this one, they're trying to take advantage of the outbreak instead of just survive it.  It's all in Spanish with subtitles too, so if that annoys you, you may not like it.  Shaun is a slacker who remains a slacker... Juan is a slacker who turns into a working man.


It's no "Shaun of the Dead" but you should check it out..

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It's been a long time since I've seen Hot Fuzz. It didn't leave the impression Shaun did.

lol@ a million to Juan.

They're two different movies... well, three I guess; never saw "A Million to Juan" lol.  As a Cop, I really appreciated the humor of Hot Fuzz.  Nick's character seemed more like a Security Guard who wants to be a real Cop ("Have you ever fired your gun in the air, goin 'Arrrrgh!'"  Hilarious.  They make pretty good movies; looking forward to the next one too.

I'd take "Shaun" if I had to choose tho.

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I honestly love both pretty much equally. Shaun of the Dead is a great homage/spoof to horror, and Hot Fuzz perfectly lampoons buddy cop and blockbuster action as well sprinkling a lot of horror and even elements of something like The Wicker Man. Lots of running gags with both and actually thought Hot Fuzz met expectations when I watched in theaters in '07.

Scott Pilgrim now was a step down but didn't have the Pegg/Frost duo to help out. Hopefully there's a return to form with The World's End. Adding Martin Freeman and Paddy Considine into the main cast is step in the right direction I think. Though both had small parts in Shaun of the Dead and/or Hot Fuzz.

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