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The scarp heap?

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The approach that JD has taken the last few days is very interesting. 


Familiarity breeds contempt vs. The devil you know. 


It seems that the former is his current play yet I think it's being mistaken for panic while it's likely that this was going to be part of the strategy regardless of the pitching staff's spring struggles.  It seems way out of character for JD to suddenly become desperate.


JD is a closet sabermatrician and those prone to such don't put a lot of stock into big money pen acquisitions.  Every year, a number of players cross the waiver wire around this time. Guys that don't fit on certain teams or ones that haven't gotten their act together.  The guys we have recently picked up are low risk, high reward guys with big arms and high strikeout rates.  ie Guys who miss bats. 


I think the fact that he is bringing these types of guys in isn't as much out of desperation but a theory on how to build bullpens or at least create depth.  It's as much an indictment of a farm system that lack quality arms in the upper parts of the system.  Along with a current rash of injuries to some of that existing depth. 


As it sounds, Maronde will start in AA but as a reliever and there will be a couple other 'top' halo prospects likely to start in AA that could provide help from within, but for the most part, the projectable players are at least 2 years away.  They also only have one semi-legit starter outside of Richards that will be above A ball with the possibility of being legit and helping this year.  (Schugel) Otherwise, it's a collection of AAAA guys.


On a team where catching lightning in a bottle with one player could make a huge difference to the success of the big club, I think it's worth it to take a flyer or two (or even three) on guys with upside.  They aren't currently blocking anyone so why not. 

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Don't listen to tank, everyone knows it's called a murder.


ah, i see your confusion. it's known as a "pride" in the western hemisphere and a "murder" in the eastern hemisphere.


what's really weird is that the former soviet bloc nations refer to it as a "pod" of scarves. i can't really explain the logic behind that one.

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hehee heh  probably meant a heap of scarfs.  Scarfs are those comments in a thread that used to be call 'scolling'.  That means trolling in a good natured but critical manner but considered a form of barfing on a post.  Implies either doubt in the content of the post, or doubt about the savvy of the poster.  In either case, such a post leads to several comments calling out the poor poster who, because of a typo, opened a can of incredulity that spreads like an ebola virus.   :P

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From dictionary.com:


scarp[skahrp] Show IPA
a line of cliffs formed by the faulting or fracturing of the earth's crust; an escarpment.
Fortification . an escarp.
verb (used with object)
to form or cut into a steep slope.
1580–90;  < Italian scarpa  a slope. See escarp
So...JD is looking for a line of cliffs to push relievers over.
You're welcome.
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Just what kind of shape is the pitching on the farm TRULY in? 

Are we 2 years away from being back to normal?   3 years?    4 years?    Forget about it?

I would ask AO what he would consider normal but that would be like asking a blind man about the colors of a rainbow.
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Doc, I think you're spot on.  My guess is that we are going to have a lot of rough spots in the early going of the season (again? Gasp!).  I'm like you in hoping that in the scrap heap, like the proverbial pile of horse shit hoping there's a pony in there somewhere.

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Heck yeah! 


We have no quality depth at the upper minors. But, JD is making space and picking up quality pieces at bargain prices. Who would think we could get a BP arm as good as Lowe for nothing. He got Ramirez from the Mets for nothing as well. 


You could make the same argument about his signing of Madsen as well. Sign him for a year and let him rehab with us, and maybe we could get an experienced closer for pennies on the dollar. 


JD is a smart, talented GM. Aside from the big-name signings, he has done an excellent job of finding talent and building this team.



Also, wrt the lack of depth, JD has locked up the major league squad for enough years to give the farm system time to develop young players. After signing his extension, Callaspo is the next position player to  become a FA. By that time Cowart will be ready to become the next Angels 3B.

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Just what kind of shape is the pitching on the farm TRULY in? 

Are we 2 years away from being back to normal?   3 years?    4 years?    Forget about it?


Well, we have Weaver and Wilson locked up. And we have Blanton for two years. Richards should be ready to take over for Vargas next year. Hanson is still young and, if healthy, could be a reliable #3 for years. So our major league rotation, like our offense, should be in good shape while we wait to draft and develop.


In the minors, we have Maronde, but it looks like he is slated for the BP. Other than that, we have AJ Schugel.


So, to answer your question, depending how well they draft (and how many picks they have), it will probably be at least 3 years before the Angels have any promising starting pitchers in the upper minors. On a more positive note, they do have a number of good looking bullpen arms throughout the system.  

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