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Because of the solid play of Cowgill

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It is a bit of a quandary, but it doesn't really get tricky until Hamilton gets back. When Calhoun comes back then the easy bench (or release) is Ibanez. There is no way that he and his .150 BA should be getting time over Cron, Cowgill, Calhoun and Conger - "The Four Cs" (just wait until Cowart makes the team).


When Hamilton gets back there's a bit of a problem. But let's see how Cron and Cowgill are performing. Obviously someone is benched, or Cron is sent down.

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When Hamilton gets back along with Calhoun, you almost have to platoon Kole and Collin in RF right?



Or you move him to DH and when he's not there have him come in as a defensive replacement.    Right now it seems Green is the odd man out, unless he starts getting time as the new Figgins.  Navarro will obviously be sent down.  You figure Cron's bigger bat may have turned some heads.  So unless they will play him at 3B over Lucho, Green seems SLC bound.


Personally, I think Green's proven ability to get on base in the minors and ability to play multiple positions should keep him up, but if they do part ways with Ibanez, they will want more of a thumper on the bench.

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IF Cowgill continues to play this way, I think Calhoun, Hamilton, and Trout retain their old positions and Cowgill essentially takes over Cron/Ibanez's AB's at DH.  Cowgill can play solid OF at all three position so he can give all three breathers in the OF on seperate nights.  Calhoun can also move to 1B on a couple nights and allow Pujols to DH.  Cron and Green both go down to AAA to get AB's.  The platoon wouldn't necessarily work in my opinion as Kole historically hits lefties better than righties (.300/.800 OPS this season, .307, .808 OPS career in MLB, hit over .400 in SLC last season).

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Cowgill becomes the 4th OF'er. Ibanez most likely gets released if he continues to hit .150 and Cron hits the way he has been. Greene might stay up as utility guy and replacing Stewart who probably has seen his time come to and end with the club as well. That does create a situation where you don't have a lefty off the bench, so maybe you see Ibanez stick around a bit longer and just Stewart let go. Navarro and Jimenez get a nice pat on the back and we'll see you in September.




Calhoun -> Navarro sent down

Freese -> Jimenez sent down

Hamilton -> Greene sent down unless Ibanez is released

Stewart -> Stewart sent packing unless he comes back first and then Jimenez sent down until Freese is ready and Stewart sent packing


Hmmm...roster management isn't easy is it


(not saying this is what I would do, but what I would expect to happen...I'm torn on Ibanez. His numbers are awful, but can he produce as a left off the bench on a team that doesn't have any is another question)

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Yeah I'd rather have Navarro up here than Cron rotting on the bench. Since the Angels don't trust Green at 3B, he's more of our utility guy, but since McDonald is an exceptional defender and a great clubhouse guy, Green gets sent down too. 


Love having all this depth! Good problems to have. Our only weakness is still hitting with RISP and SP depth outside of Santiago.

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I think Calhoun is out of a job personally. 


And I think Cowgill should lead off full time. 


EDIT: If they remove a .321 hitter with a .400+ OBP from the lineup, I'm going to cry. 

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There is no way you can take Cowgill out right now. It sucks for Calhoun that he got hurt but this is a "what have you done for me lately" sport and right now, Cowgill is the one doing it. I still think this won't be an issue for a couple more weeks when Hamilton comes back. By that time Cowgill may be slumping hard but if he's not, he has to be the starter.

I love the heart these guys have been playing with. Trout may have been the hero last night, but don't forget Conger, Navarro, and Cowgill made it happen.

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You keep Cowgill in the lineup as a utility OF.  Allow Calhoun & Hamilton to switch off at DH.


Green should be playing full-time at 3B in AAA until he is comfortable.


Ibanez is a great bat to have PH, but not DH (unless he heats up)


Cron & Navarro are also great to have PH, but they need their ABs so once both Calhoun & Hamilton are back you have to send then back down (which I really don't like).  Calhoun & Hamilton can play 1B when Pujols needs to DH.

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