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I miss Rex

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He was probably stoned. Which isn't a bad thing. Ya'll hating on Langston must have forgot what it was like to listen to Mota on a daily basis. I liked Rex while he was here, but I've gotten used to Victor and Gubi and can actually say I like them. Not a big fan of Terry Smith though.

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Rex is an idiot, and now he's KC's idiot.


Smith is so forgettable that there isn't one mention of him, positive or negative, 15 replies in.  He's the radio equivalent of watching grass grow.

Guess you missed my reply two posts before yours. I agree though.

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Rojas is great. I hope is around for a long time. Having mlb.tv i always jump over to the opposing broadcast for an inning or two every game. Victor is really good compared to what is out there


I briefly tuned into one of the Oakland White Sox games on MLB.tv, with the Oakland announcers. Sox player hit a warning track flyball and the Oakland announcers said they could hear "stretch ... stretch" all the way from several booths over.

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How people can not like Victor is beyond me. I realize it is a personal preference thing, but seriously? He has a good voice, doesn't make errors when calling the game. He isn't a homer. Oh and he is witty. I understand the Gubi thing, but I really like their chemistry in the booth. What a team (the Angels) should do is have a former pitcher (Gubi) and a former hitter (I don't care who) and have one in the radio booth and one in the television booth and have them switch out periodically either throughout the game or every other game. I like the difference in reference from the two different sides of the ball.

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