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he's also likely going to be in the top fifteen in the league for reliever WPA after today's performance.


also, gotta get Morin some more reps.  we know that change is filthy, but his breaking ball is pretty tight and he can throw it for strikes.  

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This is when they usually begin to blossom.

97mph (sitting on 95-96) with that slider and even a changeup?

And only walking 2 in his past 7 innings?

Whoever suggested that he convert to pitching full time in college, take your bow!

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not a big fan of gauging relievers by their ERA......


Kohn pitched well of late.


Hope he keeps it up.


still has a ways to go (for me) to have a great deal of confidence in him.


good news overall is that Skaggs and Richards each are really coming around as rotation guys.


so right now, it's the 'Santiago' rotation spot (now the 5th spot) that needs some shoring up....perhaps we'll get some interim help (Shoemaker) from SLC and perhaps longer term help from a deadline deal.......


Kohn pitched well good news.


I really liked Sosh's comments about 'mixing it up' in the closer role with Smith and Fieri (spelled wrong, again) depending upon the situation/ match ups....about time for this approach.

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He's pitched 18.1 innings. Lets at least wait until he has a full season of pitching like this before we call for people to start eating birds.


He's looked fantastic this year and even a year removed from TJ last season, he was pretty damn good considering. 


He flashed what he could do last season when he inherited a bases loaded jam and fanned Torii Hunter, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder to get out of that jam.

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He has good stuff. The thing that I have noticed is that he exudes confidence. He expects to get hitters out, and he thinks it an anomoly if he doesn't. He keeps his composure real well. He seems to thrive on challenge and adverse situations, and that is a wonderful trait. He will need to continue to prove himself, to be sure, but I have been impressed.

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Yah I don't put a lot of stock in his ERA, but I love his BAA



I'm sure I'll be labeled a troll, but his BABIP against is .135.  Second lowest in the AL of all relief pitchers.   His LOB% is also near 90.


Ya he's done well, but it's probably wise to let the luck aspects come back to earth before labeling him the next shields.   he's still walking over 5 per 9 too.

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Maybe he's not a great pitcher but he is pitching great. A162 game season is not a flat line on a graph. It's 40 or so men having peaks and valleys that they hope combine to win more times than they lose. Ride the hot hands when you can and give them credit for getting the job done as much as you bssh when they don't.

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