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I have concluded

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That our pen is hopeless.  Smith is our best arm in there and well.........


Are Bedrock and Alvarez really the answers?


Why are you question if Bedrosian and Alvarez are really the answers?

Hell yea they are. At least one of them should be up by the allstar break imo.

Morin should also be getting more appearances in high pressure situations.


Like I said in another thread, I'm more worried about the SP. One of Weaver, CJ, Richards or Skaggs go down and they could be in trouble.

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Smith has been scored on in only 2 games this season but sinkerballers give up baserunners. Always better to start an inning or with a DP candidate coming up. . Frieri has allowed one total baserunner in his last 7 appearances. Seems they just have a timing issue more than anything.

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Yes, Alvarez and Bedrosian will improve this team. Let's pretend for a second that both lose their command once their promoted, how effective could they actually be?


Michael Kohn and Kevin Jepsen are currently rocking BB/9 north of 5 and those two are Scioscia's go-to-guys for the 7th inning.  Kohn offers at 96 mph fastball with movement, and on a good day a decent enough breaking pitch that he can't control.  Jepsen offers the same fastball but with less movement and a very good slider that he still can't control. 


Now consider Bedorsian, who offers the same quality fastball as Kohn and the same quality slider as Jepsen.  He's the best of both pitchers.  Even at his worst, he's better than Kohn and Jepsen.  And Alvarez, he's like all of those guys, but on crack (not literally).  His fastball moves, but he throws in 97-101 and his slider should be illegal.  If that weren't enough, he'll even mix in a pretty decent change up too. 


At their worst, Bedrosian and Alvarez are just like Kohn and Jepsen, but better.  

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If I actually believed that Sosh didn't have his stubby Italian fingers in both line-ups and hadn't given Ebel instructions on pen use I would agree.


Are you suggesting that Ebel and Scioscia were communicating with one another during the game?

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I saw DDLR pitch last night at the River Cats - Bees game here in Sacramento.  Although DDLR looked like he had good velocity, it was pretty clear he still needs work on his secondary pitches and location.  Two pitches were hit very hard, both off speed.  One went to the wall for an out and the other just missed scraping the foul pole for a homer.  I say give DDLR another performance or two in AAA.


On a related note, Maronde and Herrera looked really bad, as usual.  Maronde couldn't find the strike zone late in a close game.  Herrera came in for the save in the 9th and promptly blew it.  Then in the 11th, relief pitcher Berg fielded a sacrifice bunt and threw the ball past the first baseman for your standard walk-off-bunt-error.   

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