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Orange County Register: Stadium options: What will Arte Moreno do for a ballpark?

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Why is Tait having a study done to see what it would cost for Arte to build a stadium? Unless the stadium is in Anaheim, it really isn't any of his business. Even If it is in Anaheim and Arte is footing the bill, why would he care?


Serious question?


Tait needs to know how much it will cost Arte to leave so that he knows just how much he needs to give in to Arte's demands. 

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Tait cares about how much it will cost because he needs to know how much he can screw Arte out of before Arte just builds a stadium elsewhere.

Screw Arte? I think Tait saved Anaheim from the Great train robbery. Disney is and always will be the big draw in that city. If they give Arte that deal its curtains for all of those politicians. They need to sell that land to Disney.

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The only real value for the City of Anaheim to retain the Angels is if the city name is in it's team name (Anaheim Angels). Losing money on the stadium lease is easier to swallow if they can justify that loss as an advertising expense.


As it currently stands, there is limited exposure for the City of Anaheim to earn a profit from the Angels playing within city limits. The amount of city taxes made on restaurants, hotels and other amenities affected by the baseball team are limited, at best. Most people that attend the games come right in off the freeway (usually after the game starts) and get right back onto the same freeway (before the game is over) to leave. Head to a local bar near the stadium on game night and unless the players themselves are there, you might not even know the Angels were in town.


The cash cow for the city of Anaheim is Disney, period. Which is why Disney was able to get such a sweetheart deal on the stadium lease

(as Eric Notti said). The City of Anaheim was willing to give in to certain demands to Disney that would not make sense to a third party. Arte is that third party.


These negotiations becoming contentious are almost a direct result of Arte's decision to change the team name, thus reducing the value of the team to the city of Anaheim and giving them less incentive to keep the team. The Angels just don't have the kind of leverage they once had. I guarantee you one thing, though. If Arte Moreno were to offer to return to the name "Anaheim Angels" exclusively, the Angels themselves could get almost everything they wanted in the stadium lease and be clear through 2057. But Arte's not going to do that, we all know that.

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Interesting post Eric.  It might be Arte's smartest move to change the name back to Anaheim.  The value proposition on a new stadium is questionable, at least Angels Stadium is a known quantity.

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I often wonder how many people criticizing Tait on here actually live in Anaheim.

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'm glad that anyone - even a politician - is pausing long enough to ask questions. Rubber stamps are bad, even for your most favorite sports team.



I live in Anaheim so I can say it.


Tait is a dumbshit.

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