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This one ought to be good.


I remember there was a former poster here who claimed these were never a big deal.


Dear Valued Tenants,

We have been informed that President Obama is scheduled to be in Southern California on Wednesday, May 7th and Thursday, May 8th, which may cause moderate to heavy traffic conditions.
While the exact travel plans, routes and times for the President are never released here are some basic assumptions:
   -  May 7th Bel Air -
The President will likely arrive to LAX late morning or early afternoon before attending a function in Bel Air. He will either travel by helicopter to an area on the west side (possibly Rancho Park) to meet up with his motorcade or could motorcade from LAX to Bel Air.  In either case, west side traffic is expected to be affected in and around the 405 and 10 freeway intersection, including all surface streets in the area.  Wilshire Blvd and Sunset Blvd could be heavily impacted.  At the conclusion of the event, and while the exact time of travel has not been determined, it is believed the President will travel directly from Bel Air to Century City; while these two destinations are relatively close to each other, there is the potential for severe traffic issues on the west side during that time.
   -  May 7th Century City -
In the evening, the President will be appearing at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel for an event hosted by the USC Shoah Foundation.  The reception for the event begins at 5:00pm, with the actual dinner starting at 6:45pm.  The President could arrive any time before the 6:45pm start as this has not been announced.  Street closures should be expected throughout Century City which could cause major traffic delays, especially the closer this occurs to 5pm.  We understand the President will be staying at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.  As this will be later in the evening, this should not have a major impact on traffic, but will include street closures in the area.
   -  May 8th Beverly Hills - 
The President is attending a DNC function in the morning at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The President will be attending a lunch/fundraiser at the home of Irwin Jacobs in La Jolla so we can expect additional west side traffic delays early to mid-morning as the President makes his way out of the area to attend this event.  
Again, the exact travel plans are never confirmed and the information provided could change at any time.  As with all Presidential motorcades, they will involve rolling street closures as the motorcade moves through an area.  You can expect to see Department of Transportation officers stationed throughout the west side during the President’s stay in the area.  There are always alternate routes pre-planned so just because you see DOT in a specific area, that doesn’t automatically mean those streets will be affected.

We will continue to provide you with updates, should more information be received.

Thank you,

Building Management




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Would be nice if he visited Torrance and Irwindale and discussed the Corporate climate in California.


that assumes he has any idea about what's going on. you're on thin ice there, gb.

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In the beginning, when the President came here it wasn't as disruptive, because his plane always landed at Nellis Air Force Base. Beginning with Bush, Jr. and continuing with Obama, the President now lands at McCarran Airport, which sets off all kinds of fun. Depending upon where he is going, at times parts of the Strip, exits off I-15 and major cross streets have been completely shut down.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  It wouldn't be bad if he was here working.


Good god, the dollars and hours wasted so this guy can get his fundraising in.  Its mind boggling.


Last night was a cluster f around Century City.  Today will be the same.

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I'd be curious to know what the entire travel costs are (Air Force One, helicopter use, fuel, man hours, staffing, payment of security, cost for Dept of Transportation, LAPD, lost work hours for those affected, and so on).


I would be all for adding up those costs and instead of the FIC disrupting traffic for his money, the assorted entities just hand him a check for what it costs them to accomodate the FIC.  Then, the FIC could stay at the White House or play a game or two or golf as he is want to do.


I would put money on it that it costs more than the money the FIC raises for himself and the DNC.


Footnote:  I would be really impressed if the FIC actually visited one of California's dwindling manufacturing plants instead of hanging out at a Beverly HIlls mansion.

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Attn: Downingrules


I got it covered in the political forum.  The FIC's visits don't affect me as much anymore since I don't live in the affected areas.  Conan O'Brian spoke at one of the FIC's functions (seems the FIC's popularity is waning with the celebs he loves so much.  Exchanging George Clooney for O'brian must be a dart to the FIC's psuedo-celebrity psyche).


O'Brian made light of the FIC's traffic causing adventures in SoCal.  They all had a good laugh about how the FIC's fundraising visits to LA/ATM screwed up the peasant's traffic.  So funny!

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Leaving work yesterday I looked over to the 405 and it was dead stopped. Luckily the 10 was it's usual slow ass self so my commute was not affected.


I used to think I could outsmart the Obamajams.  But if you worked in the Valley, you were screwed since your alternatives are sort of like a ship using the Panama Canal or going around South America.  There's no victory in using Laurel Cnyn over the 101 and so forth.  It all leads to a traffic jam somewhere.


If I'm way out west, I'd use Venice or Washington or Centinella or La Tijera or Sepulveda or La Cienega or whatever...but so did everyone else.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  It wouldn't be bad if he was here working.



spot on, yk. he's like the welfare recepient who shows up once a week to collect his check, and then disappears until the next check arrives.

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