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Knott's Berry Farm

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Coming down to SoCal for a funeral next week with the family.  Want to take the kids to Knott's while we're there.  Anyone have a connection for cheaper tickets?  Any help would be much appreciated, as well as any well-thought, witty responses that are certain to be applied as well.






The poster formerly known as HaloU2

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RIP soapbox racers.

best ride ever.

Oh man...that was our family's favorite ride.  We would all be in one, and talk trash on the other racers before/during the ride.  The best was when they gave us looks like wtf are you guys even talking about.

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I recently found out people go there for chicken dinners and it's a pretty popular food item.

The more you know.


You don't even need to get into the park for the chicken either.  It's just good old fashioned downhome cookin', on an industrial level.


Also, the Jellies and Preservatives are also tasty.  My favorite, which doesn't make any sense until you actually taste it, is Jalapeno jelly.  I haven't had that in years, but I always pick some up when I'm in the area.

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The parachute ride was he best thing there. Always laughed at the older women who wore skirts on it, not really grasping the concept of wind from below.

Buddy of mine used to work the graveyard shift with a leaf blower cleaning up the park. That was about the same time they made all of the strawberry preserves. Used to just wipe him out to smell all of that strawberry goodness every night.

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From their site

(I suppose you already checked there)

Pick the option that works best for you: 

Online 3-Day Advance Single Day Regular (Ages 12-61)
Online: $36.99 / Gate: $59.99 / You Save $23
Valid for admission until 6/27/13

Online 3-Day Advance Single Day Jr.(Ages 3-11) / Sr. (Ages 62+)
Online: $26.99 / Gate: $30.99 / You Save $4
Valid for admission until 6/27/13

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