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CJ Cron promoted, JB Shuck demoted!

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Chuck is right about Jerry Dipoto reading these boards ;)  



I suppose this is why they had Green getting games in in the outfield. Looks like they might be platooning Cron with Ibanez (with the other on the bench available for pinch hits). Less playing time for Ibanez is a good thing.



Who's getting bumped from the 40-man?



Should be Wall

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One thing that will be interesting to see is how Scioscia distributes playing time. Keep in mind Ibanez has been hitting clean-up regularly, and we know that MS tends to favor the veterans. I would like to believe Ibanez can still play a role on this team, and he has come up with a few big hits already this season, but it's hard to ignore his batting average and an OPS+ of 47. Couple that with his second half last season, and I think he is done as a contributing every day player, but I don't mind him coming off the bench late in games as a PH. In any event, congrats to CJ! Really looking forward to watching him play.

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So now the Angels lead the league in home runs and CJ's

We should have kept Bobby Wilson as a backup catcher and signed Brian Wilson when he was available. Then we would've had three Wilsons (and two B. Wilsons)

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Give the young guys a chance to show if they can handle the show. It is painfully obvious that Ibanez is about done. He seems like he could be a helpful addition to the front office staff or a minor league instructor. Now if JP can pull the trigger on Butcher then MS would surely jump over the cliff.

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Dipoto doesn't follow Twitter but he does check in here often.

Hi Jerry, fantastic moves!


Out of curiosity, do you know why? I'm just wondering what the GM would get from reading message boards. Is he interested in the response of the fan base? Is it just another data point for ideas? Or is it masochism? ;-)

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