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So suddenly Wells now knows what's been wrong with his swing?


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As stated above, he has said this all spring. The Yankees saw enough to believe it obviously. They wouldn't make the commitment they did if they thought he was going to duplicate last season. Its a risk but I have a feeling that .260 26HR 78RBI is very possible from Vernon this season. I actually hope him the best as long as the Yankees lose. Just happy the FO was able to receive some decent coin in return for a guy who had little to no place in the dugout. 

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He said the same thing going into last season. Scioscia and Hatcher were all smiles with their arms around him,

telling us how he had it all figured out, and how he knew what he was doing wrong in 2011.

Same story, and thankfully, different team.

They will eat him alive in NY. Won't be as bad for the Yankees, because they are paying him comparative peanuts, but being NY, it will be worse from the fans and the press. He knew how good he had it here, a place you could stink and not get booed.

People here were just sort of OK, he can't hit, but happy that he was a nice guy.

He wont get that kind of emotional apathy and forgiveness from the fans in NY.

Until Tex and Arod come back to share some of the wrath, he will likely be the focus of the fan frustration there.

I predict it wont be pretty.

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Vernon should probably keep his mouth shut considering his .230 batting average through the past 2 regular seasons.


But I'm glad he's not. This will make the Yanks look even dumber when its mid-season and he's hanging at .230 with 10 meaningless HRs. 


The fans will go nuts when he hits that first homer off the facing of the upper deck with them ahead 10-1.


Given what has passed for his production over the past two years, if I were Wells I would be careful about saying that I had figured out anything.

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He was 0-3 in his Yankees debut yesterday, he did have an RBI though. As far as his comments, I expect it. He reads the news, I'm sure the New York media will be giving him hell. He'll hit HRs in Yankee Stadium but we all know what he is.

He also left 4 men on base.

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LCF is 399 feet away and LF is some 385 feet away.   I'm guessing he won't hit many HRs to LF/LCF/CF in new Skankee Stadium.  

He will either have to pull down the line, or go waaaay the other way to straightaway RF or down the RF line.


And he's not good at hitting to the opposite field.


He's always been a pretty pull happy hitter, maybe not as absurdly so as he was with the Angels, but still.

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