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13 Man Staff


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I wrote a really long post about the need for another option off the bench, and pointed out that they have a few expendable arms in the pen.


Then I accidentally erased it. I'll quickly summarize.


Basically, If you look at the numbers, Stewart has really cooled off and McDonald and Conger aren't used much. With a three man bench, that means they can't even move players around. In May, the Angels play 2 games in an NL park, the rest are AL games.


They need to add a right handed bench option. The team's hottest hitters are right handed, in Trout, Pujols and Kendrick. Aybar, Iannetta, Freese and Conger are all doing well over the last week, but Shuck, Stewart, and Ibanez are not. They are forced to use two of these guys against lefties who should probably be in platoons. Stewart is hitting well against lefties, but awful against righties. It's a small sample size though. He also had a stretch of 5 starts where he hit really well, and in all of the other games he's hit .148. 


Howie is killing the ball against every team but the Mariners. 1 for 18 against the M's with 0 BB and 1 HBP. That's .056 BA / .105 OBP / .056 SLG / .161 OPS. Against everyone else he's 30 for 87, .345 BA / .437 OBP / .494 SLG. .920 OPS. Why anyone wants to replace him next year, I don't know.


They only have a .256 BA on the season despite leading the league in Runs Scored. They need to boost their average for that to continue. 


I think a right handed bench option /  platoon starter is really needed. I don't want to see Ibanez and Shuck both playing against left handed starters. Against lefties, Shuck is 1 for 17. Ibanez is 1 for 20.


.054 AVG. 


The Pen has been better than people think, but their results are tainted by a few bad performances. Jepsen has been pretty good except in three games, has not allowed a run since opening day fiasco where he allowed a lot. Kohn has been pretty great, Salas has been awesome for the last few weeks, Smith good except one appearance. Those four get to stay.


Frieri had been awful. Wall was ridiculously bad in his one series with the team. Yoslan Herrera has been really bad,  basically allowing opposing batters to reach base half of the time. 31 batters faced, 18 outs. He's who needs to be sent down. Maronde needs to stay until Burnett is healthy, but when he is, Maronde needs to go down. Salas should be the first option against lefties as he's holding them to a .111 BA.


Frieri stays for now, hope he works out things. Maronde stays for now. 


Herrera is expendable especially with the promotion of Morin plus Alvarez and Bedrosian knocking on the door. 


Tomorrow, if not today, they should DFA Herrera and promote Grant Green. They can also add Bedrosian, Alvarez, or Cron to the 40-man in his spot. 


When Calhoun returns, Shuck should be sent down. And when Hamilton returns, perhaps Stewart should be sent down.

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Maybe he has lost his mind. No reason for 13 pitchers unless you are playing 3 doubleheaders in a row and have 3 starters on the DL.

Has he had anyone go more than an inning out of the bullpen since Scot Shields... other than mop up situations?

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