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Gameday Thread: 4/30 vs. Indians

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1. Howie Kendrick ® 2B

2. Mike Trout ® CF
3. Albert Pujols ® 1B
4. Raul Ibanez (L) DH
5. David Freese ® 3B
6. Erick Aybar (S) SS
7. Hank Conger (S) C
9. J.B. Shuck (L) LF
1. Michael Bourn (L) CF
2. Mike Aviles ® LF
3. Nick Swisher (S) 1B
4. Carlos Santana (S) 3B
5. Ryan Raburn ® DH
7. Yan Gomes ® C
8. David Murphy (L) RF
9. Elliot Johnson (S) 2B



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How much longer until Shucks plays his way off the team?

Would be nice to see if Long can play at this level.


there's a reason they've got Grant Green playing LF in Salt Lake.  Green is raking too.  If things continue like this, I don't think it will be much longer at all.  Maybe even this homestand.

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i think about that all the time.  i don't know how they keep scoring, but they do.

Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.


2 players who play at this level can carry a team. Howie, Aybar and Iannetta have also been hitting very well. 


Just wait until Hamilton and Calhoun come back.

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If Shuck sucks again today he needs to be sent down before the next series. He's been pretty bad at the plate,sans a couple HR's after he first was promoted. 


shuck should have been replaced by now considering the angels last 4 losses have been by 1 run.  shuck was hitless in all those losses and  is 4 for his last 36  overall.  


i guess give him one more day but if he doesnt hit today - get rid of him already.

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Due to his defensive miscues, I wonder if people don't realize just how freaking good Iannetta has been at the plate since the beginning of the Mets series on the 11th:  .343/.521/.600


EDIT:  in fact, i recall from the gameday thread the other night after he had that passed ball and came up to bat, someone said "oh Scioscia is letting Iannetta hit, I guess he wants to go home."   lol?

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