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Some thoughts re: Pujols that popped into my mind this weekend

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Let me just start by saying that I am thrilled with how is playing this year.  This is the guy we were hoping that we would get. 


Having said I think everyone is worried about the later years on the contract even to the point of will he be able to play those last years.


With that in mind, I just have a hard time seeing someone as proud AND great as Pujols going out as being cut.  Albert has earned the right to be proud of his accomplishments.  You look at guys, all time greats, and they want to "retire", they want their swan song.  The "this is my last year" is something that is important to them and their legacy.  Let's be honest, if Pujols hits like this the rest of the year and has two more years like it, he will hit 600 hr's.  He will be in the top 10 in baseball and has never been vilified like Arod and Sosa.  People wanted them to be gone.  Not the case with Albert. 


So we always joke that we want Albert to retire before he gets bad and I really could see a scenario where he might do it....especially if he keeps up what he has done in April for a couple of more years and is at the top of his game so he can go out in style.


He will never get the farewell season of Rivera or Jeter because they are Yankee guys but I really think he will want something similar. 


Jeterfest '14, just got me thinking about the next great to retire and it will be Pujols (since Arod has pretty much been thrown off the island)

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Just curious... Pretend for a second that Pujols decides to retire in year 7 or 8 in this contract. What would happen to those last years of his contract? Say he gets to the point where he can't play anymore and decides to "retire" before the contract is up. Do the Angels still have to pay out those last years or not? I don't think anyone would walk away from that kind of money, but Albert is a proud guy, and if he can't play to a level he finds respectable and decides to walk, what happens?

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