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Craig Ferguson Leaving The Late Late Show

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Didn't read the whole thing but I heard that he got a huge pay out because he wasn't tapped to replace Letterman.

Which is kind of funny since he has consistently said that he didn't want the 11:30 slot since his style wouldn't sync at that time.

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I worked with Craig years ago on a TV show you all probably have heard of. His problem has always been that he's to hip for the room. His humor relies on the idea that his audience has intelligence and can understand mocking of the established protocol. Every once in a while, he explains what he is doing, for those that don't understand, but the vast majority of his schtick makes the assumption that his audience "gets it".


He was never destined for the 11:30 time-slot, as he knew the audience would never accept his mockery as becoming the new establishment. Kuddo's to him for figuring out a way to work that anti-establishment into his contract and seeing his opportunity to cash out when the time came.


BTW, his interview style included an element that most talk-show hosts and other reporters lack, the ability to listen to the subject and ask follow-up questions. Most "reporters" and "interviewers" that you know only ask pre-approved and pre-determined questions that the subject knows are coming and have prepared answers to, which is why if you watch most of their interviews, you will hear the same questions and the same answers/stories repeatedly. There was a reason why Craig was the last stop on the interview gamut as he went off-script and, by doing so, exposed the real talent from the posers.


I have said in the past that I have modeled my interview techniques after both he (Craig Ferguson) and Tim Russert. There's a reason for that.


1. You end up going places that no other reporter is prepared or willing to go.




2. You end up getting past the bullcrap and into genuine "real" conversations.


When you're not asking questions that people are pre-programmed with responses to answer, you become a dangerous entity because you expose people for their genuine personalities.


When Tim Russert was still running Meet The Press, any potential guest prepared all week for their appearance, knowing that Tim was going to expose them as frauds if they weren't prepared. Now, with the new host, David Gregory, it's a joke, interviewees end up prepping late Saturday afternoon only because they know the questions they're going to get asked.


And here's the reality of the situation, when you become the rogue, the one who is the "dangerous" interviewer, you become a challenge of sorts. Not in the confrontational way, but in the way that people seem to want to test them selves in a trial by fire sort of way. They know they may be outmatched because the BS they're spewing might be called out, live, but they want to do it anyway because they think that they can somehow outwit the interviewer. All we are doing is trying to get to the the heart of the matter and separate the wheat from the chaff. And guess what? It usually works. The BS artists usually end up slitting their own throats on their own lies.


Craig Ferguson was never going to get the 11:30 slot and he knew it because his tolerance for BS was minimal and he delights in exposing the BS in Pop culture when he can.

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