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Major expansion of superfast Internet planned


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I'll believe it when I see it...as it stands I work a couple hundred feet from an AT&T building and can't get a signal. We've looked in to getting their home services and were told they couldn't provide service in the area. It's ridiculous the poor service we get in the states.


I would expect this is a lot like Verizon in Jersey, or cable elsewhere. They have to try and fight back Google and local cities saying screw it and building out their own networks. They promise all these future services to fight off competition and then try and drag it out...or in the case of Verizon in NJ start an astroturf campaign to get out of their commitments.

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I don't know how long it will take or if it will even make its way to SoCal but I cannot wait for google fiber.  Either way, the days of a-hole giants like AT&T throttling speeds in exchange for expensive fees are going to have to end.


Their massive (and succesul) lobbying efforts will hopefully come to an end once people realize how much better and faster Europe gets Internets. And with so many choices unlike the forced monopoly in our neighbrhoods today.


After testing out my friends' Clear hotspot, I'm going in with him and am killing my AT&T rip-off DSL.  My cost will be nearly half as much and I'l have about the same speeds.  Actually, a little faster since I'm now using a VPN. 

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Google is even offering free internet with similar speeds to what you get now. 

All you have to do is pay the one time installation fee of like 250 and you get a lifetime of free internet.


Just goes to show how much the other companies are raking in the cash.


Edit: Double checked and it's 300 dollars or 25$ over 12 months, then free after.


You get 5mb.

It's not very fast, but it's probably way more consistent.

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And you know how AT&T is going to pay for it? Look into the Net Neutrality issue. Sites themselves are going to have to start paying the carriers for people to have access to them, or, at the very least, have usable access to them, especially any site that features multi-media stuff.

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That's one thing I don't understand about websites having to pay providers. They already do, they aren't getting their internet for free. They either host their own web server and get a plan with a high upload speed or have the web server outsourced by someone like godaddy who already has the equipment set up and the internet plan. Are they just going to raise the prices on their plans or change the system completely?

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They are going to change the system completely.


This video is probably the best, quick, explanation about Net Neutrality that I've seen. It leaves out a lot of technical jargon and skims over a lot of the nuance, but that's for brevity. Take the 5 minutes it takes to watch, and think about how AngelsWin.com might have to compete with the likes of MLB's official website, just for comparison.



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